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I don't think we will ever have a chance to surpass Roma, so it is bad news that Napoli got 3 points today. Sad
True. I think it is also important to keep within reasonable distance of the so called clear top 2 to provide motivation and confidence within the squad.
Parma 2 - 0 Inter
Paolo De Ceglie 5' 76'

May be those Moyes rumours can happen Wink
Sometimes the "tradition" is very hard to break. If I remember correctly, Parma always beat Inter at home, even when they were in the worst shape. I am thinking maybe Inter has at most won 1 or 2 games at Tardini in the past decade. Wonder where we can retrieve those head-to-head records, just out of curiosity.
Albertini has given an interview where he's obviously pretty bitter about the elections from earlier this year:

more on Milannews:

Unsurprisingly, he seems to respect the fact that Barbara was behind him, while he doesn't seem too fond of Galliani (seriously, does anyone other than Sacchi like this guy!?).

On the whole, what he says makes sense, while he doesn't particularly mince his words about his thoughts, though is pretty diplomatic.
Just ahead of derby Rolleyes

Official: Inter sack Mazzarri
Inter have confirmed that they have relieved Walter Mazzarri of his duties as first team Coach, ahead of Roberto Mancini’s imminent arrival.
Not a huge surprise he was sacked, but the timing is pretty insane. Also I don't get the hype/excitement around bringing Mancini back, this guy is horrible.
Ironically, Pirlo won the derby for Allegri :/
and Genoa is now in CL zone (Napoli has yet to play though).
Roma easily dispatched Inter as well. Although the scoreline said 4-2, it could have been a lot worse if Gervinho knew how not to be offside. The top 2 in Serie A are head and shoulders above the remaining teams in Italy yet still pretty pathetic in Europe Facepalm