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Sorry Basel I don't know much about Carpi, other than Gabriel is on loan there and seems to be playing regularly.
Came across this on R&B. Thought it was pretty funny:

I got Milan
I got milan too Smile
I got Milan too. Wink
“I don’t want to comment. I will only say Lotito was and still is my friend,” noted Milan CEO Adriano Galliani.

I'm so embarrassed that this asshole represents Milan.Wallbang
He says that to get a free transfer in the summer :p
So sick of this idiot now.
Birds of a feather flock together.

Quote:Parma’s crisis plunges the Serie A schedule into chaos, as Udinese confirm that Sunday’s game at Tardini is off.

The Ducali are in chaos as the new ownership led by Giampietro Manenti are attempting to stave off bankruptcy, but have not met deadlines for payments yet.

Coach Roberto Donadoni cancelled today's training session, and now Udinese sporting director Cristiano Giaretta confirms that the game is cancelled.

“We were supposed to depart for Parma, but the game was cancelled,” he told Tuttomercatoweb.

“We were informed by Parma together with the Lega Calcio that the game would not be played on Sunday.

“We're expecting further details and communication, but for the moment this is the situation.” states that Mayor Federico Pizzarotti refused to allow the game to go ahead over safety fears, after Parma were unable to pay for stewarding.

It had been reported earlier this week that the game could go ahead behind closed doors, but it’s now unclear when the game will take place.
It's genuinely sad to see Parma as they are right now. I'm also sad for Donadoni, who really can't do much to help Parma this year after he'd done great things last season.