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Roma, that's what happened. :d
Even worse than us last 10 games :p

[Image: u0fjnIh.png]

Look at Lazio! Amazing...
Quote:Sunday April 26 2015
Denis punched Tonelli after 'threats'
By Football Italia staff

There was a brawl after Atalanta’s 2-2 draw with Empoli, as German Denis punched Lorenzo Tonelli following alleged “death threats.”

Denis equalised deep into stoppages at the Stadio Azzurri d’Italia in Bergamo, but the situation deteriorated after the final whistle.

It’s reported Denis got into a row with some of the Empoli players, eventually punching Empoli defender Tonelli.

“It cannot be described as a brawl, because the only thing that happened was an Atalanta player punched one of my men,” Empoli Coach Maurizio Sarri told Sky Sport Italia.

“More than a ban, he ought to get charged by the police. The authorities in the tunnel saw everything that happened. It’s up to them to draw their conclusions. I prefer to talk about the game.

“I thought we thoroughly deserved the three points, but in the late chaos they managed to grab an equaliser.”

Atalanta director Pierpaolo Marino also spoke to the media and gave a different version of events.

“You all know Denis, who does charity work in Bergamo and is always the first to help anyone out.

“Tonelli provoked him, making death threats against him and his family. Even a good man would react to such threats, even though of course Denis was wrong to do so.

“We apologise to Empoli, but it would be only right that Tonelli apologise to Denis too.”

Denis often celebrates goals with his son, who is a ball boy at the Stadio Azzurri d’Italia.

Quote:Monday April 27 2015
Denis agent: ‘Tonelli shameful’
By Football Italia staff

German Denis’ agent has called Empoli defender Lorenzo Tonelli ‘shameful’ as their feud rumbles on.

The Atalanta striker has been given a five game ban after punching Tonelli following the 2-2 draw between the two sides.

The latter has been banned for one match for threatening to kill Denis’ family, something which he denies.

“In his career, German has always been a proper footballer, a role model,” Leo Rodriguez told Tuttomercatoweb.

“I think there’s a limit to everything, German has done wrong, but Tonelli’s behaviour was shameful, he threatened to kill him and his family, and that’s something which just isn’t done.

“It's wrong to say that anything can happen on the pitch.

“Empoli revealed the incident, so everyone thinks that German punched Tonelli. But no-one is aware of what got the human side of German.

“I’d rather not comment on the suspension.”

Quote:Monday April 27 2015
Tonelli denies Denis threats
By Football Italia staff

Lorenzo Tonelli denies threatening the family of German Denis, and will explain all at a Press conference.

The Empoli defender was punched by the Atalanta striker after their 2-2 draw at the weekend, and was handed a one-match ban, with his assailant barred for five games.

“I want to say that I haven’t threatened anyone, much less a player or father of a child,” Tonelli wrote on his Facebook page.

“I come from a family who taught me manners and respect, my family [his grandfather, father and uncle are doctors] save lives, not kill people!

“I didn’t want to say anything until now because I’m not guilty, I don’t have to justify myself the way others have done.

“I took a punch from a coward who ran away and did not have the courage to face me, and yet I was also banned… some justice!

“Now I say ‘enough’. Enough unjust accusations, and enough injustice in general. No to violence! In a Press conference I’ll tell you word-for-word what happened.”

The 25-year-old then ended his post with the hashtag “no to violence”.
Just a misunderstanding maybe? Big Grin

I'm not sure who or what to believe in this story.
This is the type of stuff that goes on in 8th grade. One person talks about another person's family, other person gathers friends and goes to first person to beat him up. Big Grin
They should both be ashamed, but more so Denis. All types of trash talk goes on in the games....and he seriously went into the other team's locker room with 2 other players to fight? Embarrassing...
Tonellli got banned too,..., for being hit?? Huh
Carpi got promoted to serie A next season, their GK is Milan-owned Gabriel..Sleepy
This article sums up pretty well Carpi's achievement:

(04-28-2015, 05:15 PM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]Tonellli got banned too,..., for being hit?? Huh

Supposedly for threatening Denis and his family.
Juve won Scudetto with a month to spare, Serie A needs more serious challengers Sad