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(05-29-2015, 12:43 AM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]I thought Sarri was our target? DevilolDevilol

According to recent reports, Berlusconi said no to getting him. He's been heavily linked to Napoli and I think Fiorentina too.
Now that the season is over, I have two questions remained:

1. Genoa or Sampdoria? When will we know for sure?
2. Luca Toni or Icardi, or sharing the honor? I believe both have 22 goals.

When Grandpa Toni is the top scorer, Serie A defences should be ashamed.
or Grandpa himself can be really proud. :d
OFFICIAL: Mihajlovic leaves Sampdoria
By Football Italia staff
Monday, 1 June 2015

Sampdoria Coach Sinisa Mihajlovic has confirmed he is leaving the club in an open letter on the Blucerchiati's official website.

The Serbian has been heavily linked with a move to Napoli and his departure was widely anticipated, but he took the opportunity to explain his decision to the fans.

"Dear Sampdoria fans, the most difficult moment has arrived for me, the time to say goodbye," he wrote.

"These are my last words as coach of Sampdoria. My adventure ends here. And I want to take advantage of this space to say goodbye to everyone, make an analysis and explain the reasons behind my decision to leave.

"As well as our position in the table, I’m proud of other things – leaving a squad that is self-confident, courageous and able to take on any opponent head on. I leave a group of good guys and good players who have grown a lot in these two years, five of them were also called to the national team.

"I am proud of the work we’ve done in these two years and I believe club and the fans should be too.

"It would be easy to stay here, I know I'm appreciated by the club and the fans. But I think it would be unfair to my growth and perhaps also for the development of the team. I set myself a goal and I achieved it. Now I look for another challenge.

"There is no sadness in me. We should not cry because it's over but smile because it happened. And I leave with a big smile because I feel doubly fortunate to have played in the Sampdoria, then coached it.

"I want to embrace in spirit all the fans: thanks for the trust, affection and support you have given me. Football today is often a business, but without the passion and emotion it would not exist.

"Thanks to my Presidents. To [Riccardo] Garrone who wanted me here and has always supported me with elegance and sobriety. And thanks to [Massimo] Ferrero, who has tried several times to keep me here. He has carried us from the first day with his energy and infectious enthusiasm.

"Thanks to my players - they gave me everything, and I hope I have given something to them as a coach and as a man trying to send those positive values ​​that will come in handy in a career and in life.

"And finally, thanks to the city of Genoa, which again welcomed me like I was born here. I do not deny that in the last few days it was very touching and special for me to drive on familiar roads, greet people who are always special to me, to reach Bogliasco, to enter the Marassi yesterday and sit on my bench ... I'll be back in ‘my’ stadium and I will never be an adversary, because Genoa will always remain a little as my home.

"Good luck, goodbye to everyone and Forza Samp forever! Sinisa Mihajlovic."
Speaking of our Capocannoniere, does anyone remember this excellent song which somehow never won a grammy ?

That guy put up a new video after Toni won the award this year.
Mauro Icardi catches Luca Toni for 'old meets new' end to Serie A's golden boot race

At 38, Toni is the oldest player ever to be Capocannoniere of Serie A.
Icardi is the youngest player since Paolo Rossi in 1978 to finish as top scorer in Italy's top division.

The good times are returning to Italian football.

Juventus are back challenging Europe's elite for trophies and the race for Serie A's Capocannoniere for 2014/15 was as exciting as it has ever been.

Hellas Verona striker Luca Toni looked set for the top scorers award with his goal in Saturday's 2-2 draw against Juventus.

That took Toni to 22 league goals for the season which was two better than Inter Milan's Mauro Icardi - the only player left who could possibly catch the veteran ahead of Sunday's final round of fixtures.

We were ready to give the 38-year-old the Capocannoniere.

But then Inter Milan 4-3 Empoli happened and Icardi's well-taken brace on Sunday meant Toni had to share the honour with the 22-year-old Argentinean.

This version actually works out better for everyone.

Toni still gets to break Dario Hubner's record of being the oldest player in Serie A history to be named Capocannoniere.

And Icardi now becomes the youngest top scorer since Paolo Rossi - aged 21 in 1978 - to finish a campaign in Italy's top flight as the leading goal-getter.

"I honestly did not expect to be up there. I take it one game at a time to do better, then the team worked for me and allowed me to score so many goals," Icardi said.

As for what the Serie A future holds for both men?

Toni is out of contract in the summer [Image: g.png] and there is reported interest from clubs in Brazil and Australia.

But Icardi is likely to stay in Italy as Inter have just been given the perfect excuse to inflate his price tag beyond what any club would be willing to spend on an unproven Champions League striker.
Sarri official at Napoli
It'll be interesting to see what Sarri can do. The challenge will be difficult, as he only has a year to succeed, so it's not like they have long term projects going on there.
I read that he is on a one-year contract that pays him 1 million. A bit pathetic. But of course I suppose that's already a big improvement compared to his Empoli contract.

Maybe Napoli want a test drive. If he is decent, I am sure that they will offer an extension before Christmas.