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They're definitely not going to lose Pogba this year. Pirlo was aging and Marchisio was probably doing a better job in midfield as of late. Vidal will be a blow but he was also prone to injuries and they signed Khedira who is quality and they're in the market for a creative attacking midfielder. In attack they still have Dybala, Morata, Mandzukic..then Coman, etc. They will probably not make it as deep in the CL but they still have plenty of quality to handle Serie A.
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Juventus is still the team to beat. Still the favorites....but this year they are beatable and I don't think they'll run away with the title before spring starts like in previous seasons. Pirlo and Tevez were their game winners. They got at least 9-12 points just from those two settling the game and breaking the deadlock. Whether it was a free kick or individuality from Tevez. Still, Vidal will probably just as difficult to replace because of his box-to-box capabilities and tireless work. I'm not saying that Dybala and Mandzukic can't pick up the slack up front, but they have to prove it first. Khedira will be good, but he is no Pirlo and certainly no Vidal of the past year or two. Marchisio, Pogba, Khedira + Draxler (if they get him) is good but imo not as good as Pirlo, Marchisio, Pogba, Vidal. Also, Tevez-Morata was highly effective last year and is better then Morata-Mandzukic/ least until Mandzukic/Dybala an prove that they can do what Tevez did last season. Whether or not that happens, we'll see.
Hopefully this season it will be open and complicated unlike the past two, when scudetto was already decided around Christmas. Facepalm But I certainly agree that Juventus is still the team to beat, in my strange opinion, as long as they still have Buffon, who will guarantee their success.

My biggest hope is their (lack of) desire. Usually when a team has won everything, it is natural for the management and players to slow down. Let's see if that will be the case for Juventus this season.
i dont think dybala and mandzukic can replace tevez, they need someone like aguero to replace tevez.

on us i think this china thing has slowdown the news a lot
I don't think Tevez can be easily replaced by anyone. His most precious characteristic is his grit. I know for that reason, many people in Argentina rate him higher than Messi. Personally I rate Tevez's loss more significant than Vidal and Pirlo.

Well, Ladri's misfortune is my happiness. Smile
Watching Sampdoria's game vs Vojvodina for the Europa league. 
It's 0-2 for the Serbian team who wreak havoc on the counter. They hit the post once too.

Sampdoria keep creating chances but are terrible at even finding the target. 
Soriano missed a great chance, shinned the ball from 5 meters to send it wide. 

The Serbs just got another. It's 0-3. 

I can't even begin to discuss Sampdoria's overall defending and level of readiness.

It's 0-3. Unbelievable.
The final score is 0-4.  Devilumpf
Jovetic to Inter is now official
As mentioned numerous times before, it's a high risk signing that could become very beneficial. I'm actually more concerned at how Inter are progressing though. I know as fans we have no hesitation to laugh at our direct rivals failing, but Italian football needs a strong Milan and Inter. Milan, thankfully, appear to be on the right track, but Inter this summer, despite the big moves are showing few signs of significant improvement. I know it's very early to tell what will happen, it could easily be Milan continues it's struggles and Inter are champions, but at this point, things are a little worrying.