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Mancini's never convinced me either. I really don't rate him as a coach and even calling him a poor man's Ancelotti is imo wrong, simply because they are very different in the way they manage the dressing room. At Inter, he had successes on the back of significant weakening of the opposition. At City he had massive funds, but imo didn't really achieve anything outstanding (what was it? 1 league title in 4 years?). At Galatasaray, he spent huge sums of money again (much more than any other team I think), yet didn't deliver the league.

I saw news about the way Thohir's managed Inter's funds, but I can't say I'm in a great position to comment on it, although it was brought up during discussions of Bee buying Milan.
(08-17-2015, 07:24 AM)Siregar Wrote: [ -> ]How about us?

Well, we used to be a cheapskate too, but not this summer... Grinundwech

Okay, I think you were asking about our financial situation and if we would be in danger of violating FFP? I just saw that we have a thread on that:

I also remember having read an article (but I have retained very little, if I ever see it again, I will bring it to your attention - unless I forget to do that again Icon_lol2). It is basically about every club has to meet at least two out of three clauses, and Milan is fine, but we can't continue big purchases like this, so we will have to increase revenue soon.
Young fans and their idols. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin      

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Who's with Baggio and Savicevic?

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Quote:Antonio Cassano has reportedly been sending Mario Balotelli a flood of messages to convince him to transfer to Sampdoria.

The Liverpool striker is surplus to requirements but has struggled to complete a move away this summer.

But Italian international Cassano is trying to engineer a deal to see his controversial compatriot join him in Italy.

According to Italian paper Il Secolo XIX, the main message from Cassano said: ‘Come to Samp and you won’t regret it, we’ll do great things together.’

A deal for the striker remains difficult as Balotelli requires a £4.25million-a-year deal.

Balotelli-Cassano combo? It must be mouth-watering for Walter Zenga. Icon_lol2Grinundwech
Kovacic official to Madrid now. Dunno if they really need a player like him now but that certainly makes Inter weaker!
For the sake of the Italian NT Balo should go to Samp. I think it would also be great for Serie A as well. I'll be honest as I think they'd be successful for maybe a season until they both combust. Certainly would be entertaining on and off the pitch tho.
Certainly not seeing that happen. Balotelli is on some high salary, so why would he want to move elsewhere? Also, I believe that by staying at Liverpool for a second season (even if he does nothing), he would trigger some kind of bonus that is in 6-figure euros. I am sure that he will stay in Liverpool.

Otherwise, Lazio could really use Balotelli and Matri. Icon_lol2
Cassano and Balotelli at Sampdoria + Ferrero. Would be just what we need Big Grin