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Watched Lazio vs Leverkusen last night and despite winning 1-0, I wasn't impressed by Lazio. I think they still have a very high chance of going out and even if they reach CL proper, I doubt they'll get far (i.e. knocked out in the group stage).
Agree. That was one sloppy game. Multiple mistakes by both teams all across the park. Lazio's goal came from an individual mistake by the Leverkusen CB, and there could've been more goals for both sides due to mistakes.

I think the best player on the field was possibly Mauricio from Lazio but also Bellarabi who gave both Lazio fullbacks (Basta and Lulic) a beating on 1v1s.

I know I've said this before, but Biglia for me is not a good player. I really don't understand what people see in him that he is held in such a high regard by some. He lost the ball countless times yesterday and his passing was as sloppy as I've ever seen. He was also all over the place defensively (which is supposed to be a strong point) and was left for dead multiple times resulting in some last ditch challenges by him (out of which some were inevitably successful but that's not a good thing actually).

Either way, back to the tie, I agree that this is not settled. Lazio may very well go out just as easily as they can go through. I wasn't impressed by Leverkusen either, but imo they were the better team by a small margin and looked more dangerous on multiple occasions.

If I had to predict it, I'd say that Lazio will go through. I do think they'll score in Germany because Bayer's defence is very questionable.

As far as Lazio goes, it's very early to tell and they will be tough again as the season goes on, I'm sure. But honestly, this isn't a team that sould be in the mix for a CL spot.
Pretty much agree with everything you said. I'm 50/50 on whether Lazio will go through, Leverkusen's defence was weak, but Lazio playing like that could be beat badly imo.

I am just about to watch this. Didn't know that Mina Rzouki worked for Football-Italia..she is a regular contributor to the World Football Phone-In and is one of their European football experts.
(08-21-2015, 01:29 PM)Mystik Wrote: [ -> ]

I am just about to watch this. Didn't know that Mina Rzouki worked for Football-Italia..she is a regular contributor to the World Football Phone-In and is one of their European football experts.

With most of these podcasts and shows I have seen two patterns- These experts who seem to know all the teams in the league sound confident but rarely talk anything of value. Secondly, shitting on Milan has become a rather prevalent trend over the years. 

The only podcast of value I actually liked was Forza Italian football where they have a bunch of guys talking about things that they know best instead of giving a general Bleach Report type report. 

This video is more for casual fans of football and not for guys who follow their teams on a daily basis.
Yes I just watched it and must say that I was underwhelmed. Expected much more detailed analysis and input from Mina but they basically told me things that I already knew lol.

One of these days I'll make a podcast thread because there are some really good ones out there. They're not all as bad as you make it seem - Dev pointed me in the direction of some that I now listen to on a weekly basis.
I was only referring to content that is Serie A specific. A lot of English and American publication really do not have a grasp on the nitty gritties and those that claim to be experts, at least in my experience, touch the subjects rather superficially. I constantly struggle to find quality Italian Football related content.
lol, I'm pretty sure those I pointed you to are ones I was pointed to by someone else Mystik! Big Grin

Anyway, somedevil, you're right, most Serie A/Milan specific podcasts are pretty disappointing, but if I'm correct most are run by amateurs like fans or fan sites in general. I tend not to listen to those personally, though the one from Pete Acquaviva someone posted a link to here has been on my listen list, mostly as it's Milan specific and has had some interesting guests on there. 

I'd recommend listening to podcasts from Beyond the Pitch (Warro originally posted a link here), which is run by a Milan fan Anto, but has some fantastic guests on there where you really get to learn a lot around football. Football Weekly from the Guardian is also very good, though much more focused on English football. I tend not to listen to it much, partly because I watch the European Football show on BT Sport (a channel in the UK), which has a lot of those from the podcast, but isn't English football-centric.

Another, as Mystik mentioned, is World football phone in, which is a radio show with Tim Vickery, who is BBC's expert on South American football and then other guests who are experts in different regions around the world. Most of them are very knowledgeable of their respective regions and the show allows you to learn a lot about differences in culture in football. Tim Vickery's depth of knowledge on South American football never ceases to impress me.

Mina Rzouki's one of the experts they have on the World Football Phone in. She didn't really say anything on the Football Italia preview, but she is one who knows calcio very well (albeit she's very abrupt when making her point Big Grin ) . She doesn't hide she's a Juve fan, so obviously expect a little bias in that aspect, but she's definitely intelligent. Which brings me to this preview. I understand it sounds like Milan are being disregarded at this point, but looking at Serie A objectively, it's still very hard to say Milan are in a particularly strong position to reach 3rd, never mind challenge for the league. The reason is Milan at this point are an unknown entity and Mina Rzouki's totally correct that there are still question marks on the balance and quality throughout the side. Let's face it, we all know the midfield's been kind of crap and at this point is barely adequate for what we need. The defence has the potential to be excellent, but again, there's a lot of doubts. What if Romagnoli and Ely don't fulfill on the promise they've shown? Or DES doesn't get back to his best and we're stuck with Abate (who's been pretty bad for a few years) and Antonelli for the year. Mihajlovic himself is also a major doubt, the guy did well with Doria last year, but his managerial career is nothing to shout home about. I think we have reason to be optimistic and honestly we're in just as good a position to judge Milan as these pundits seeing as we support Milan and follow the smallest of details about the club everyday, but it's hard to argue against the point the club is right now nothing more than an unknown quantity coming up against some potentially very strong sides this year.

Anyway, some thoughts on our competitors for this season:

1) Juve: I think they've weakened this summer by losing three vital players and they are trying to rebuild. I'm not convinced they'll win Serie A, but they're still favourites going into the season.

2) Roma: I'm not convinced as much as others that they've reinforced well enough to be in a position to seriously build on last season. That said, Sabatini said he hopes to have another bigger signing than Dzeko, so who knows if that's a game changer.

3) Lazio: Really not convinced by them at this point. I expect a team that probably reaches EL positions this season, but I don't think they'll be able to repeat last season's performances.

4) Inter: Possibly the most interesting club to watch right now because they could go either way, having a season as bad as last year or being potential champions. On paper they probably look better than Milan, but while Milan seem consistent enough to know they aren't likely to do worse than last season, Inter seems like they could just collapse. Oh, and just to comment, I think Mina and I share an opinion on Mancini that neither of us rates him at all (hence her laughing when he was mentioned on the preview).

5) Napoli: A team I'm very excited to watch, I really think they could be a team to look out for this season. They have major question marks in the backline, but going forward they look potentially deadly at times. I doubt they quite have enough to win anything, but they should be an interesting side for this season.

6) Fiorentina: I kind of wrote them off earlier this summer, but if preseason is anything to go by I'm totally wrong. I'm not yet convinced they'll get the results they got under Montella, but I'm interested in seeing what they can do.
Or you guys could start your very own 5 minute podcasts for every match and re watch it when the season ends Big Grin

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lol, oddly enough, I have been invited to a fan podcast in the past. I had to decline as I simply don't have the time or availability to commit to it.

Forgot to mention, to anyone looking to read superb articles regarding football, look out for articles by Jonathan Wilson. He's incredibly knowledgeable, known for his superb book about the history of football tactics, but genuinely I think he strikes a balance which very few others can or do. He's the journalist whose writing I tend to pay most attention to, mostly because his understanding of the sport never ceases to amaze me.