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Vivat Allegri!
Had Juventus ever lost at home (in Serie A) since they moved into their current new stadium? Probably very few if any. Grazie Allegri indeed. Okmilan
33' Sampdoria 4 - 0 Carpi

Welcome to Serie A Carpi
LOL. After the first round, we are ranked at 19th. After this, there is only way up (I certainly hope so???).
Roma vs Juve is this coming weekend as well as Napoli - Samp. This season is starting with some excellent fixtures!
Perisic to Merda, Conman on loan to Muenchen.

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Coman to Bayern Munich on loan with an option to buy at 28M euros. 28M!! wow.
Excellent fk goal by Pjanic to make it 1-0. Juve might have had a penalty for that De Rossi handball but the referee said it happened outside the box.
I think Rizzoli got it correct tbh. Evra's sent off and Dzeko scored straight after. Looks like it's Roma's day today.

Edit: Maybe I'm wrong, Dybala just scores after a quick break after Roma became really slack. If Garcia, I'd be furious.
End of the match, Roma win 2-1, but they were really lucky in the end, they were so close to throwing it all away.