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The Allegri effect Big Grin
Chievo thrashing Lazio 4-0, could have been even 5.
Inter obviously struggling against Carpi(although they have more possession)
Torino are 2-1 up vs Fiorentina
Napoli and Sampdoria are 2-2

75' mins all matches.

What the hell is going on? Grinundwech

EDIT(s): Torino are now 3-1 up
Carpi score.
Inter's defence is a joke.
Annnnd Inter get saved by the referee.. in my opinion, that Penalty was non-existent!!
So far the league looks like it could be very even this season. None of the big teams have been convincing yet, and at the moment Chievo are top of the table. I don't really think Juve's going to win it this year. Serie A is too good of a league for one club to dominate it indefinitely, and they have made a lot of changes this year. It's also difficult to recover from two early defeats, as they will probably need those points later.

Roma are Roma, strong but will probably throw away too many points in matches they should win.
Inter have had a decent start, and intuitively I think they could end up winning it this year. We can be up there too, provided that we get our big midfield signing and find the right mentality. Napoli and Lazio have not started well, and I think if Juve, Inter, Roma and us start firing on all cylinders, they will struggle to keep up.

It's definitely going to be an interesting season.
I disagree on Inter.
For the past 2 matches they have been saved by Jovetic, and last match also by an incompetent ref and linesman.
If they don't step up their game, they will certainly fall.
Got a feeling Bosnian statehood day is gonna be celebrated hard in Rome this year 8)
I'm not at convinced by Inter yet, while Roma look strong, but that was expected, they're the only ones who have the foundations from last season still in place. Right now, it's their scudetto to lose.

I watched Napoli - Samp yesterday evening and thought Napoli looked really good first half, only to throw it away completely in the second. I'm not convinced Zenga will achieve the results Miha did last year, but Samp have some interesting individuals. Muriel was amazing in the second half yesterday, still tries a little too much at times, but was devastating with his pace against the Napoli backline. Fernando looks like a great buy for Samp at this point, putting in a really good game yesterday. Soriano was obviously one I kept an eye on yesterday and while he did a decent job, he didn't look 100% fit (looked really tired at 70 minutes) and wasn't moving as well as he did last year. I also kept an eye on Allan for Napoli, who made his debut as he wasn't fit last week. He didn't have a good game, despite one assist, not looking fully match sharp.
9 new players expected in the starting lineup for Inter compared to last season.  Angel

[Image: w57053c.jpg]
and only 1 Italian Player... hmmm okay...
This was the lineup for their 2010 CL final. You should see the improvement over the years.  Okmilan Devilol

[Image: 300px-Bayern_Munich-Internazionale_2010-05-22.svg.png]
Actually from that picture, I'm more interested in the improvement Bayern made  Sad