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ha ha as much as Juve's misfortunes please me, I want Inter to falter. I actually believe they will sooner than later. while grinding 1-0 wins is important to win a title, you simply can't rely on it to go all the way.
To be honest, I'd rather rely on 1-0 wins then 3-2 wins if I had to choose.
Of Course I'd take any win anyday, I am just saying I don't see Inter spending the whole season grinding out wins.
I think nefremo's point was that he'd rather see a more secure defence grinding out results, rather than a good offensive unit that constantly leaks goals. On Inter, they are grinding out 1-0's, but they haven't shown to have a secure defence in those wins, so I agree, it looks very difficult this will be maintained.

On Juve, it's very early to write them off on anything yet. Allegri, with the exception of last season, has always generally had a slow start with his sides.

I'm actually really surprised by Roma, I expected much more from them. Napoli have also been disappointing overall (they did show signs of recovery although slipped up midweek). I expected a slow start from them, but I still think they've actually shown some of the best football this season, they need to do it consistently. Actually, it's not too different to us, I think when we've performed we've been one of the best teams on display this year, but it's been totally mixed performances, never know what you're going to get.
But Roma and Napoli do this every year Big Grin It's in their DNA. Just like CL is in our DNA.. or was... I did expect Roma not be consistent though, especially early on.
Yeah, they do have a tendency to stumble. Anyway, some big fixtures this weekend. Obviously there's ours (regardless it's THE biggest fixture Big Grin ), but also Napoli - Juve tonight and Inter - Fiorentina tomorrow evening.
Are Italian players really bad, that out of the top teams in Serie A Milan boosts the most Italian players in its starting XI?
I actually think not only between top teams, but more like in the whole league...

I mean:
Roma have 2
Juventus 4
Inter 1
Napoli 2-3
Fiorentina 4
While Milan has 7 for tomorrow's game, with atleast 5 of them are becoming indispensable.

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I don't think so, actually I'd say Italian talents are possibly recovering. Basically I think the last great generation was basically the guys who won WC 2006. After that, Italy has seen a sharp decline in talented players coming through, many of the great prospects hugely under delivering. There are numerous possible reasons for that, but basically that's a different discussion. Anyway, I think today we're starting to see some recovery in talents coming through, but it takes time to recover.

But if you look at it, you have young keepers like Perin, Scuffet and Donnarruma. Defenders you have guys like Romagnoli and Rugani, but also more experienced guys like Bonucci (who is imo underrated by many) and Tonelli (again, underrated). Fullbacks are good too, guys like DES, Darmian, Calabria etc. In midfield there's a number too, like Verratti, Jorginho, Bertolacci, Bonaventura, Sturaro and Florenzi. Even in attack there are guys like Berardi, Balotelli (if he comes good), Insigne, El Shaarawy (again, if he comes good). Point is, there's talent there, that's not even mentioning players coming through the youth set up.

As it is, Italy's not going to win the world cup with these guys, they're still far away from Germany and Spain in youth development. There's a lot of work needed, but I think Italy has some good players, certainly an improvement from what they had in the last generation. I'd say it's a better situation than England and Holland. Question is whether these guys can come through successfully. Italy's youth development has a lot of problems that need sorting, if they don't, they could end up like England.

Napoli - Juve is on, Napoli looking dominant.
Nice goal by Insigne to put Napoli up 1-0.
It was pretty much all Napoli first half, they looked very comfortable. Insigne went off injured, so he'll probably miss the match vs us.