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Zaza has been failing for Juve. You would think that Morata or Mandzukic would have buried at least one of those chances.

Still waiting for Pogba to dominate but he has been underwhelming.
has the ref lost it? he's giving a yellow for anything now.
2-0 Higuain. Good goal, the Juve made stupid mistakes.
2-1, Lemina scores with Napoli switching off. Good game
Is it just me or does Lemina look like Pogba?

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Man we should thank Allegri. Juve dropping 3 more points!
(09-26-2015, 08:10 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]But if you look at it, you have young keepers like Perin, Scuffet and Donnarruma. Defenders you have guys like Romagnoli and Rugani, but also more experienced guys like Bonucci (who is imo underrated by many) and Tonelli (again, underrated). Fullbacks are good too, guys like DES, Darmian, Calabria etc. In midfield there's a number too, like Verratti, Jorginho, Bertolacci, Bonaventura, Sturaro and Florenzi. Even in attack there are guys like Berardi, Balotelli (if he comes good), Insigne, El Shaarawy (again, if he comes good). Point is, there's talent there, that's not even mentioning players coming through the youth set up.

As it is, Italy's not going to win the world cup with these guys, they're still far away from Germany and Spain in youth development. There's a lot of work needed, but I think Italy has some good players, certainly an improvement from what they had in the last generation. I'd say it's a better situation than England and Holland. Question is whether these guys can come through successfully. Italy's youth development has a lot of problems that need sorting, if they don't, they could end up like England.

Napoli - Juve is on, Napoli looking dominant.

I agree with you- Bonucci is severely underrated. If I had to take one player from Juve I'd take him. I'd add Zappacosta to the fullbacks list too.
PerSempre, I agree, Lemina looks like Pogba from a distance, I think it's the hair.

honsano, I actually said to my brother (who supports Juve) that Juve right now looks like Milan in his third year (the first few months).

somedevil, Zappacosta's another true. There are others like Baselli worth mentioning, I just listed a few that came to mind.
Italian football has always been under-rated outside of Italy. but now it is the contrary, we see players like ELS, Verratti, Darmian being considered top players outside of Italy, while Serie A(top teams) teams didn't even give them a chance.

Is it because of money? or are the scouts aren't looking for Italian talents?
Indeed Italian football has lots of youth talents, but teams simply don't show them enough faith.

I'm interested in the ratio between Foreign and Italian players in each team in Serie A... will try to do some re-search Big Grin
Verratti was coming off Pescara from Serie B- as always there were doubts in Italy whether he could do so well in A. We had a chance, Juve too, to sign him but we passed. To those who play FM, Verratti has been known as a future star for years.

If you watch him with Pescara, it was there for all to see. As always, In Italy they won't trust young kids.