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Full Version: Serie A
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I've debated this a lot tbh. As somedevil says, a lot of it's a matter of lack of trust shown to young players.
Fiorentina lead Inter 1-0, Ilicic penalty.
2-0 Fiorentina, Kalinic.
Inter losing today would really make today a lot less horrible.
2-0 now...

Inter look so average now Smile
their defense is fragile.
their attack is toothless.
their midfield is non-existant.

and Ironically, this match has only 2 Italian players on the pitch...
3-0, Kalinic.
3-0 now

Inter are free-falling
Haha, this makes today a bit better, at least!
lol, Miranda sent off
I like this Vecino guy, he's dominating the midfield.

Miranda gets a red card as it was 2 vs goalkeeper. would have been a 4-0.