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(09-28-2015, 08:38 PM)Ace Wrote: [ -> ]I stumbled upon Serie A's official website.. And I have to say it looks amazing. lots of info and lots of stats about each team and each player. it's easy to navigate as well

they have really improved the site. The last one was atrocious.
Thanks for sharing, I never go to their site, got to say it's got quite a bit of interesting info.

Edit: Forgot to say, nefremo, I'm pretty sure you're well aware of this, but just to confirm, my opinion of Napoli isn't based on the Juve match and I've been following them quite closely since the summer.
Okmilan  I know that! Was just commenting in general. I like the way Napoli play and I remember us discussing Sarri last year and how good he has done. I think Napoli will be a force this year. They really look solid. I am hoping that we can stay within reach of that 3rd place by January. Then, with a new strong midfielder we can hopefully get that 3rd spot in the end.
I just read this joke and I just had to share it with you boys Big Grin

My missus had a go at me for only talking football and asked what I thought about Syria...
I replied, "it's between Juventus and Roma this year"
Grinser044 Clap
Carpi beats Torino for 1st Serie A win on Sannino's debut today.
Sampdoria's Correa missed a literally open goal vs Inter.

and after 2 minutes misplaced a pass on a counter-attack.

Just tuned in, but both teams look average!
Juventus seem to have woken up, albeit versus a struggling "newly"-promoted Bologna... 3-1 now.