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Quote:Atalanta's Gabriel Paletta, Empoli's Piotr Zielinski and Sampdoria's Fernando are suspended, while Milan and Torino have been fined.

The Rossoneri were handed a penalty of €15,000 for racist chants from their supporters, while the Granata had to pay €3,000 for the fans' insults to the referee.

Paletta, Zielinski and Fernando will all have to skip the next game for their respective teams, as communicated by Lega Serie A in today's official statement.

Anybody with any idea what this is about? We barely have any fans coming to our stadium, and the ones that do are making racist chants?
Did we collect enough revenue to cover the fine? Icon_lol2
(10-09-2015, 03:05 AM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]Did we collect enough revenue to cover the fine? Icon_lol2

Galliani: "Because of the fine, we will not buy anyone for the next 3 transfer windows. We will also need to sell Bacca."
(10-08-2015, 02:19 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]However, there's one thing I will say about a coach like Sarri which I think is important to the growth of talented players. Sacchi the other day said that one thing Sarri's really good at is teaching his players about the game he wants to play, something I don't think anywhere near enough coaches do. It's one thing to tell a player to take a specific position and run from point a to point b, but for that player to make a step up and really be a success at the top level, they need support in understanding the reasons for them to move from point a to point b and the impact that has elsewhere. I think Guardiola's shown himself as another who's actually really good at this.

As much of a cunt as Guardiola can be at times- he's by far the best coach in the world right now. Not just coz he has a great team, but coz of his ability to make changes on the fly, try a hundred different systems and make sure players understand them and most of all- imposing his playing style on the team. He buys the players that are necessary and then goes about building an identity. Just watch Bayern play- it makes me cry how far away from them we are. 

Same could've been said about Miha's Sampdoria. His team had his own style. Rugged, hard working, grinding out results. Heck he made Silvestre into a decent defender and they had a stellar defensive record last year. How can this coach suddenly come to Milan, is given a better set of players (On paper) and yet he performs poorly?

Is Miha suddenly a shit coach? Of course not. Is Bacca suddenly a shit forward? Of Course not. The reasons lie at Milanello. Something is terribly wrong, as we have established here countless times. Is it the uncertainty coz of the Bee Deal? Is it the two CEO system? Is it Berlusconi telling the coach what to do? Is it disagreement between management and coach over team matters? (Miha not wanting Mexes, Berlusconi making him stay)

There is no doubt this management is to blame. Who rejects a coach like Sarri for their political beliefs. Somebody who's senile. 

I think fans are wrong for getting on Miha's back. And worst are those who instantly started shitting on Ely and De Sciglio. I want to ask those fans wtf were you upto when you were 20 years old. I think we must remember that in this environment at Milan it is very difficult for young players to develop or to succeed. 

Baresi had Rivera to show him the way- Maldini/Costacurta had Baresi- Nesta had Maldini/Costacurta- Thiago Silva had Maldini/Nesta/Gattuso/Ambrosini - Who does Ely have? Mexes? Alex? Zapata? De Jong? Montolivo? those guys are fucking jokers. They can make as many #Dedication and #ForzaMilan posts as they want but not for a second do I believe that they give a shit about the club. And to think so many of our fans think Mexes has so much passion for the club. 

I'd say we are in one of the worst moments of our history right now- worse than the early eighties. At least then the problem was external. Now the problem comes from within and has corrupted the whole system from bottom up. From a year zero, it will take half a decade to fix this. Problem is, our year zero still hasn't come.
Just to clarify, my post wasn't meant as an attack on Mihajlovic or to question his ability, it was mainly a general point on why a lot of players struggle to fulfill their potential in Italy, something quite prevalent in recent years.

This pretty much summarizes how a few of us have felt about Inter on the forum. I still don't think they will win the Scudetto this year.
Watching Italy - Norway and Italy are dreadful.
Quote:Empoli President Fabrizio Corsi slammed Riccardo Saponara for an “unjustifiable” ban. “He has to realise he’s not playing for Milan now.”
The trequartista is sitting out a three-match Serie A ban after he was sent off for insulting the referee.
“Saponara chose to be a protagonist with us, but he did something unjustifiable,” Corsi told Rete Sport.
“There were pointless protests against Atalanta too. He has to mature and realise he’s not playing for Milan now, where some things are allowed more.

You know you're down in the shitter when people at Empoli are making fun of you.
I was about to post exactly the same thing. It's embarassing to see other teams make comments like these and our disciplinary record means we have no argument.
There was a thread on big games around the globe which I can't find so I figured I would just post some of them here. On Sunday you have Napoli - Fiorentina and Inter - Juventus which should be absolutely fantastic games (probably the former better than the latter). Of course Torino - Milan is the highlight of the weekend but you can't go wrong with those other two matches as well Big Grin