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Too bad I am having a very busy period of time (work) now. Sad Otherwise, I probably would try to watch the other two less important games. Big Grin
Nice goal by Insigne.. Typical finish from the LWF position
2-1 to Napoli. It was a good game actually, pretty much what I expected. I think Napoli were more comfortable than the score suggests.
Imagine that we could have had Sarri...

but would he be our savior though? the coaches these days aren't really our main problem...
The way this Derby D'Italia is going.. We might see a couple red cards in no time
I'm watching the match and it's not very good. There's a lot of intensity, but not much quality at all. Inter had a good 5-10 minute period from around the 25th minute mark where they were actually really unlucky not to score, Juve started to come back into it in the last 5 minutes of the half or so.

Watching this Juve side is really strange, it reminds me a lot of Milan of recent years. The soldier mentality from Conte's side is completely gone, the players look meek, afraid at times. Even Buffon looks like he doesn't know what to tell those in front of him now. The players look really panicked on the ball, defensively there's far too many one on one battles without great organisation and players are way too slow to take up the correct positions. It's hard to tell precisely why it's not working. Is it just Allegri? I mean we've witnessed a similar problem during his time at Milan, or is it just the management have simply let go of too many leaders in one summer? Again, same story as Milan (Juve less so as they still have Buffon, Chiellini and Bonucci).

Either way, this Juve look like a team without an identity. Interesting thing is, I heard there are some pretty big issues at the club at management level. Again, similar to Milan.
Credit where it's due, Allegri has changed the system this half to effectively 3-5-2 to stop Inter dominating the midfield. It's all Juve now.
I think you're being a bit hard on Allergi and Juve. With all the injuries, this is the first time he has been able to field this lineup. I'm not surprised if from time to time they're hesitant. Juve is clearly dominating this second half so far though - which means Inter is due a lucky goal
It's not specifically just this match, but Juve in general this season remind me of Milan under Allegri (in a bad way). I'm sure we've had the same conversation before.

I agree though, they've dominated this half, Khedira just hitting the post. They look much better right now, though I'm not totally convinced. Got to say, I think Napoli - Fiorentina was a much better match today.
I didn't watch the game (super busy these days with work), but I read some comments on Chinese fan sites that Juventus is gradually recovering (or close) to their strength. This is not cool. It looks like soon enough they are going to leapfrog us and we will keep the company of teams like Carpi, Forsinone and Bologna. Big Grin