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Allegri: “We Will Reenter the Scudetto Race Shortly.”
By Gregory Caltabanis
Updated: October 18, 2015

Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri spoke to the media following his side’s draw and affirms that they will be in the Scudetto race.

Today, Massimiliano Allegri’s side were held scoreless against Inter but didn’t fail to create chances. The former Milan boss affirms that his team will be fighting for top spot shortly. Allegri told Mediaset Premium:

Quote:We have to have the same hunger in front of goal that Barzagli had on the header that he saved in the second half. We are playing well but there are certainly things that we have to improve. Today, the midfielders all had a good game as they were feeling good.

On Dybala’s exclusion

Quote:He returned from international duty on Thursday. From all our South American players, only Cuadrado was able to play. Against Inter we needed a striker with certain characteristics and I thought that Zaza played really well.

On Pogba’s good second half play

Quote:Paul has some very specific characteristics. In high traffic areas, he still hasn’t found his range but in the second half he played like Pogba. To have a good game, he has to play with intensity throughout the whole game.

What is your best attacking partnership? 

Quote:Morata has the characteristics to play with everyone. I think that Dybala has to evolve from being the team’s reference point to being more technical. He’s doing very well in this regard. Mandzukic is best when leading the line alone up top while having two players playing wide. Zaza, on the other hand, gives the team depth but has to improve.

Can this Juventus win the Scudetto?

Quote:I don’t know if we’ll win it but we will be in the race shortly. At this moment, we must not only look at the results but I think by Christmas we have to reduce the gap by half. As a result of this, we will be fighting for the top spots in March. This was not a decisive game. This point doesn’t really change the standings for us. Inter were unable to score and we put in a good performance.

On the Scudetto race (CON’T)

Quote:Our hunger to win has gone nowhere. We are behind but we will need patience and lots of games to come back. The important thing was to play well like we did tonight and finding the balance between raising the intensity level and dropping it. We haven’t scored enough goals so far. As far as I’m concerned, the team reacted well and did good not to concede a goal. Now our focus is on the Champions League.

Goal from corner kick in the first link..Fallon D'floor candidate in the second Grinundwech
This Fiorentina - Roma game is really good so far. Exciting stuff.. And of course it had to be Salah to open the scoring.
I really don't see Juve winning Serie A this season. Another loss for them against Sassuolo today. With that said, I really think the Scudetto is up for anyone, including us, as we are 7 points off from first and 5 from 2nd through 4th. It is just a matter of who can be most consistent. For us at least, our players are starting to improve individually and as a team.
At this moment, Roma and Napoli are the most likely, followed by Fiorentina and Juventus.

My 2 cents.
Handanovic with a 10/10 performance to keep Inter ahead so far.
And they beat Roma. Didn't see that coming.
Tavecchio with a 2 for 1 Facepalm

Also saw the second half of Inter beating Roma yesterday and I still don't get it, Inter play garbage football but win. I actually kind of envy them, they have a personality and grit that we've simply not had in forever, I'd even argue we play better quality football than them in periods.
How that guy is still the president of the FIGC is beyond me. In most other countries and contexts, he would have been forced to step down by now..