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Such a big game later on with Napoli vs Roma and I see this on football Italia:

"Due to safety concerns around the huge rivalry, tickets for the game have not been sold to people who are residents in Rome."

These things are all part of the reason why the match day experience in Italy lags so far behind other countries. Let's hope that the stadium sells out regardless. Empty seats look absolutely terrible on TV.
Merda won big away, despite 2-3 goals due to defensive errors, their results started to bother me.

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Lol Melo

Just saw that, trying to do some ballet move?! Lol

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Fio temporarily on top of the table awaiting results from Inter and Napoli later on today..
Merda back on top with another 1-0. They could win it.

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I don't think they'll win it, but the way things are going they'll probably lock up a CL spot.
Contenders for the Coppa Italia final on the other side of the table are I think Napoli, Juventus, Inter, and Fiorentina. We have Carpi and a Serie C team to beat. Even if we lose the Coppa final, I think we are guaranteed an EL spot seeing that our opponents on the other side of the table are almost guaranteed a UCL spot. Juventus--top 3. If they win the Coppa, they won't get the EL spot since they will keep the UCL spot. Same goes for Inter, Napoli, and Fio. I think the Coppa would be the only way we could make Europe, and our chances aren't too bad. I hope this happens.

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I may be wrong.....but I don't think the Copa finalist goes to EL. ONLY if you win it. If the winner has a CL spot, than the 3rd EL spot goes to the 6th placed team.

Again, I'm not 100% sure, but I think this is how it works.