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So much shit, much worse than this is said all the time and not caught. Mancini making an issue out of it is double standards. Has he himself never said anything in anger or frustration on the pitch or the sidelines? I doubt so. The 2 match ban is okay. But there were people calling for him to be suspended and for Sarri's license to be revoked. That's just bullshit. Football is a man's sport. And men say things in the heat of the moment.
One guess who scored a nice goal for Roma on his debut

Jube and Napoli are unstoppable now..

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They will meet very soon. That should be a title decider.
After the derby, here is the situation :

1st - Napoli (50 pts)
2nd - Juventus (48 pts)
3rd - Fiorentina (42 pts)
4th - Inter (41 pts)
5th - Roma (38 pts)
6th - Milan (36 pts)

We're back in the race, but the game in Palermo is a "must win" game, especially because the other teams play against lower sides too ...
If everything goes the right way and the way it should, in 3 games, Inter should be behind us and we should not be that far from Fiorentina, along with Roma.

23rd game :
Sassuolo - Roma
Fiorentina - Carpi
Inter - Chievo
Palermo - Milan

24th game :
Bologna - Fiorentina
Hellas - Inter
Milan - Udinese
Roma - Sampdoria

25th game :
Carpi - Roma
Milan - Genoa
Fiorentina - Inter
Juventus - Napoli (title game ?)

My predictions Big Grin :
Italic = winner
Two italic teams = draw
Next game to Palermo is tricky but 'a must win' game in order to keep momentum going. Otherwise if just like Empoli game, just forget this season..

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(02-01-2016, 08:58 AM)GeoTav Wrote: [ -> ]My predictions Big Grin :
Italic = winner
Two italic teams = draw

Just noticed my predictions gave the following ranking : Fio 47, Inter 46, Roma and Milan 45
[Image: CaFNzsdW0AAc4eP.jpg]

He also admitted giving the middle finger to Milan fans on live TV... Will he get banned? or will this incident get lost in the archive?
Mancini is a fool and men like him should be drummed out of football. I want him to be ashamed of what he did. In England someone like him wouldn’t even be allowed to set foot on the touchline. Big Grin

In all honesty, Mancini's an idiot. Couldn't care less about what happens to him.
He's turned into a whining little kid! Every week he finds something to complain about. It's either referees, or other coaches, or even the fans at the stadium. This guy acts like the world owes him something.