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Great news! Inter Milan are now depleted both physically and mentally. I am counting on them losing some more points in Serie A, and soon. Big Grin
I watched the match and Inter actually did pretty well, but Juve were atrocious. The way the match played out worked out pretty well for us, Napoli and the others at the top, as it can't have been easy for the teams to play such a long and hard fought match.
Bonucci is out for the final so I am hoping that we can somehow squeeze in. Historically we have always done well in the Coppa vs Juve.
This will be of interest to most here
Damn that paints a terrible picture. The big money nowadays seems to be in TV rights. Italy needs to improve the product on the field (this season was a step in the right direction) and start attracting the best of the best, so that Italy can maybe start to get the big TV rights deals that the BPL gets.
Viola currently getting wrecked by Roma. 3-0 already in the first half
Wow, el shaarawy again scored? This is getting a little bit annoying. Angry
Relax, 3rd place to be decided on the last day when we host Roma 😎

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I like your spirit, but I hope that we can beat Sassuolo first. Wink
(03-05-2016, 03:06 PM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]I like your spirit, but I hope that we can beat Sassuolo first. Wink
We lost ! We will beat Jube in final then to qualify for EL

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