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Zamparini makes Berlusconi look like a sane person. It is ridiculous that Italy has so many lunatics running football. Facepalm
yeah, it's beyond absurd. They've hired Ballardini now.
Didn't Zamparini sell Palermo a year or two ago?
Did Buffon just break Serie A's record for most clean sheets by minutes played?!
(03-11-2016, 10:38 PM)Ace Wrote: [ -> ]Did Buffon just break Serie A's record for most clean sheets by minutes played?!

No! As long as someone scores against Juventus within the first three minutes next game, then Sebastian Rossi will keep the record. Big Grin
I am super pissed that Buffon will very likely get that record. Ever since gold di Muntari I have utterly disliked the guy.
I have held a grudge against Buffon for that goal too! But he is a better goalkeeper than Seba Rossi ever was so I don't mind that he will hold the record to be fair. Rossi's record was 90% the defense in front of him Big Grin.
BUT, we can not forget the fact that Rossi got the record when Serie A was the toughest league in the world. Rossi with that Milan team in front of him can possibly go the entire season without conceding a goal in today's Serie A!! Smile
Respect to Buffon if he gets the record, I honestly have nothing but respect for the guy. Sure it's disappointing if Rossi loses the record, but records are there to be broken and why not have imo the greatest keeper of all time to break it?
Roma 1 - 1 Inter

-7 with one game in hand of course.