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Inzaghi, Simone not Pippo Big Grin taking over after Pioli fired at Lazio
Merda lost at home..
Had we won, we could've capitalized on that loss. But well at least they lost.
It doesn't really matter anymore to be honest except for pride. The most important part right now is to stay ahead of Sassuolo.

a f.ascist coach for a f.ascist club. cant wait
Watchcing Roma-Bologna now....10 minutes in and I know it's very early, but the movement off the ball is incredible by Roma. Every time a Roma player has the ball the is multiple options and a lot of them are intense good runs. The closing down and pressing is also very impressive.

Good job Spalleti!

Edit - I just jinxed them big time! Big Grin game ended 1-1. Either way, they did look impressive and created multiple opportunities while always in control of the game! They had so many opportunities and somehow only managed only a goal. That's football for you...
Roma is in a very interesting position. 6 points off Napoli, and 6 points above Merda. I believe that Roma have yet to play the second round with either. Going to be interesting!

Too bad I don't care! Icon_lol2
Serie A: Juventus blasts Palermo to go nine points clear
[Image: tumblr_o5sfbivIPk1tsdq57o1_500.jpg]
Juventus continued its march toward a fifth successive Serie A title as it beat relegation-threatened Palermo 4-0 to move nine points clear on Sunday.
[Image: tumblr_o5s9zrg2gp1tecjfpo1_400.gif]
Second-place Napoli lost 2-0 at Inter Milan on Saturday. There are five rounds left.

The only negative note for Juventus was an injury picked up by Claudio Marchisio who was stretchered off in the 15th with a knee injury.
[Image: tumblr_o5se9xQexg1qa33wlo1_500.gif]
Tests revealed he has torn the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee and the Italy midfielder, who will miss the European Championship, will be operated on in the next few days.
Both Inter and Fiorentina lost.

If we had a few extra points even 4th would be possible.
It may not seem that important, but the difference between finishing 5th and 6th is big.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but 4th place and the Coppa winner enter the group stage directly. 5th place has to get through the 3rd qualifying round and the play-off round.

If Juventus wins the Cup, than 4th and 5th place enter the group stage and 6th place enters the 3rd round. So finishing 5th will guarantee that we go straight in the group stage no matter what happens in the Coppa Final.