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So Totti eh ! Changed the game completely.
(04-20-2016, 09:51 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Both Inter and Fiorentina lost.

If we had a few extra points even 4th would be possible.

If we had a few extra months even 3rd would be possible.  Dodgy
(04-21-2016, 05:25 AM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]If we had a few extra months even 3rd would be possible.  Dodgy

No worries plenty of time to do it NEXT season..
(04-21-2016, 05:44 AM)edysim Wrote: [ -> ]No worries plenty of time to do it NEXT season..

I was being sarcastic.  Undecided Undecided Undecided

Maybe you were too?  Sagrin Sagrin Sagrin
Anybody watching Fiorentina vs Juventus? That Bernadeschi goal looked onside..
The 90th min penalty was softly taken.. Devilcool
Ref interviews in future:

Not really sure what I think about this, it's odd as just before reading the article I was listening to a BeyondThePitch podcast where they were discussing the exactly same topic, except possibly applying it in English football.

I'm not sure whether I consider it a good or bad thing, the transparency might be nice, but I think it depends on how it's implemented. Having the ref involved in a post match press conference is one thing, interviewing him immediately after a match is another with very different pressures that may not be good for refs or avoiding controversy.

The other aspect of this is it means refs would be put in a position where they answer to the general public and become more liable for their performance. This I don't really agree with, not that refs should be given a free pass for performances, but they should be answering to governing bodies for referees and the FIGC.
I'm in agreement with ref interviews. I think the situation will be defused for the most part if refs can explain themselves.

I also think they are way too protected. There are some terrible mistakes being made, and we never hear an explanation for it, and on top the same referee refs the following week like nothing ever happened.

Referees are people too, I get it. They make mistakes. If they talk about those mistakes or give an explanation for certain decision, I think everyone will be more understanding however.

The technology is a must IMO. It's unbelievable that with the level of technology in the world they still haven't implemented it into football to help the referees. It doesn't have to be about fouls or reviewing certain plays.....but there can be a computer system that tells the refs live if there was an offside or not.

Let's see what they do...
Juventus are the Serie A champions for the 5th straight year! It's official.

It hurts me to say it, but when a club comes back from Serie B, and manages to win 5 titles within 10 years of that, it is simply incredible.

We had all the players, we had all the money, all the revenue....and somehow managed to blow it all! And Silvio is still thinking about keeping the club and keeping Galliani in his position.....
We are finished until he is here, there is no denying it. None of us are Juve fans and they cheat too obviously but we are not in the same league as them these days. Some 30 points behind now and they have our former coach too.