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(04-26-2016, 12:51 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]Geo, in principle I agree, but at the same time there is that risk that others won't grow and Juve will dominate. 5 titles in a row is really saying something

5 titles in a row but several teams were (Roma, Napoli)/have been (Milan, Inter) in crisis. The first two will probably grow next season. I hope one of the two others (no need to write which one) will also be back on track.

Juventus dominates Italy nowadays, but they don't win the titles with crazy margins. Their 5th title in a row will be their 5th title in the last 10 years.

PSG are going to be champions for the next 3-4 years at least and with a crazy gap, it's already their 4th title in a row. There is no competition in Ligue 1.
Bayern will get its 4th title in a row, the 6th in the last 10 years. Except Dortmund a few years ago, there is no competition for Bayern in Germany.
Geo I'm not sure how you can say Juve aren't winning by "crazy" margins. I get it's not comparable to PSG's level this year, but I think it's somewhat comparable to Bayern. I think Bayern top the league right now by around 6 points, while last year they ended around 10 points ahead of 2nd.

In Juve's case, they are something like 13 points ahead of Napoli this season despite a massive overhaul last summer and a disaster of a start to the season. The last 2 seasons they've ended close to 20 points ahead of 2nd place.

Yes there's hope Roma and Napoli will grow and actually challenge them, but we've been saying similar things about those two for a while, after all Roma started the season as scudetto favourites. I think Napoli are best placed to come good on their promise, but really in terms of building I think Juve's in a much more favourable position and have a huge head start.

The thing about 5 scudetti in 10 years is that 10 years ago Juve were in Serie B and they've still managed to come back and dominate in such dramatic fashion, even with some real missteps. That if anything just goes to show how poor other clubs have been during this time, so I'm hesitant in believing they will grow as we expect.

Italy has a lot of potential to coming back as a highly competitive league, but in order for that to happen teams need to pull the finger out and start taking the steps necessary to catch up to Juve. The possibilities are there, but until now none have done anywhere near enough to actually fulfill on this.
Late Sassuolo goal

Frosinone 0 - 1 Sassuolo

We are 7th going into last game
These days we compete with Sassulo for 6th spot and mgt seems alright with it. I really hope we lose that spot.
New rules to be applied in Italy regarding homegrown talents:

I'm all for this reform personally, I don't think it penalises clubs like Juve specifically, I didn't really understand what Marotta was trying to say. They need to have some youth players brought into the squad, but they aren't too far off of where they need to be and while it's difficult to implement now, I think it's necessary for the long term future and competitiveness of Italian football as a whole.

As for Milan, I think we're pretty well covered, as we have DES, Calabria, Donnarumma, Abate, Antonelli, Locatelli to fulfill the homegrown quote (though it says 16-21, so perhaps we'd have to argue the case for Locatelli, Calabria and Donnaruimma), while guys like Montolivo, Bonaventura, Bertolacci, Kucka, Romagnoli and Niang all fulfill the other quota.
Nothing much new here, but the richest clubs list stuff has come out again:
Next season, Serie A could be back on track !

Juventus - Will follow their own path and will still be the main contender to win the title ... They are and will be the best team (the question is : will they have the best players of the league through ?).

Napoli - They are a good team, they need some proper investment to go to the next level. Anyway, the club has been smartly run for years, so they will be there again I think ...

Roma - They will be a threat for the previous two teams if they maintain their form of late. They probably need one or two 1st team players to go to the next level too.

Inter - As the Chinese just took over, they will probably invest to build a new team ... Inter is a loser team, but they could be back in the race for the title with big (but smart) investment.

Fiorentina, Lazio - The same each season, good teams able to be near the squads in the top of the league as well as being in the middle of the table.

Sassuolo - A very interesting team, Squinzi seems a smart guy and will probably make everything to allow his team to step up with no rush (he looks like a patient builder).

Milan - All will depend on our owner. If Berlusconi is still there in September, all these teams will be higher than us in the table (so at best : 8th). If the Chinese come, we'll be there with the first 4 teams of the list and this championship could be very exciting for both us, Milan fans, and the people who just like football ...
I agree Geo.

About Roma...I think they are in some serious trouble this summer. If reports are true, they have already sold Pjanic for 38mil, BUT because of a clause in his contract they have to give him 20% (7.2mil) of that which in turn he is "gifting" to Juventus. So the transfer is costing Juve about 31mil. On top of that, they are probably going to sell Naingolan and the figure is reported to be around 45mil. Now that's big money for two players (close to 80mil) but don't forget that they have to replace them somehow AND they have to replace Rudiger who is out for the remainder of this year. They've already said they will put up the 13mil to retain El Shaarawy and they also gotta worry about Digne. If they don't pay PSG to keep him (I think the number was close to 15mil) than they are losing him too.
On top of that, they've been in some trouble with FFP so they can't just spend huge sums and it's not like they have huge sums anyway.

So all in all, they have to replace their 2 best players in the midfield, their starting CB, and possibly find a LB. I just don't see them replacing all of these key players so I think they will definitely go down in quality. Of course, they will still be up there but I don't think a push for the title will happen the way things are looking.
So Pjanic to Juve!
Really good signing for them, they just keep getting stronger.