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Napoli gonna have a fantasy football dream after now after they sell higuain.

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Luzern 1 - 1 Sassuolo

The team's first ever appearance in Europe.

Also want to say ...the seasons and fixtures are too long and many. Imagine if we had qualified for Europa in Sassuolo's place, with our current squad and needing to cancel US tour too, football needs big reforms and there shouldn't competitive club games in late July even.
If we qualified through Serie A (as 6th), then yes; if we qualified through Coppa (as the champions), then no, I believe we would be in group stage right away.

edit: I saw that you did say "in Sassuolo's place". Wink I guess we intentionally forfeited that 6th place then. Big Grin I don't see Galliani giving up on the international summer tours -- not a chance.

and I don't think we can argue that there shouldn't be competitive club games in July. If you are a big club and live up to your name, you don't have to play any competitive games in July. July is for the lesser teams. (Milan doesn't even count in that group -- we are even worse)
I see stories like this and it makes one wonder about the interests of Italian politicians
Italian politicians so remind me of Indian politicians.
lol, politicians are politicians whatever country, though Italy and India share a lot of common ground here.
If this was Canada there would be a royal commission to seek comment from 'stakeholders'

Looks like Juventus' biggest purchase this summer is getting huge. Big Grin

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Rumours Frank De Boer is replacing Mancini
Where is Mancini going? England NT?