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Thanks for the explanation Nefremo. Maybe all this ambiguity is the reason why clubs are able to get away with creative accounting?
Milan is the sixth youngest team in Serie A. 

[Image: 1qI5-fxvqctu6239719.jpg]
Got to say, I love watching Oddo's Pescara
Oddo might be the next big thing tbh.
Watching Inter-Juve, it's a boring game so far, neither team impressing
Not watching the game, other than the score (Juve behind) really don't know how the match is going but Pjaca for Chiellini is an actual sub made in Serie A by an Italian coach??
lol, Juve trying to go for broke, but not much effect truthfully, Inter playing with a lot of heart. Banega just got sent off for a second yellow, but I think it's maybe too late.
Inter win 2-1. Juve were very sloppy by their standards today, whereas Inter gave everything they had (as evidenced by cramp setting in from 70 mins). That's kind of worrying for Inter, seeing as they really struggled for the win, though a massive boost for them mentally.
Thanks Dev.

This made me laugh (was posted at beginning of the match)

I actually thought Inter was very good. They played with some passion and intensity. They pressed Juventus at the correct moments and at the right places. They really made Juventus look like just another ordinary team. Like Dev said, Juventus was sloppy though. Some poor performances all around and honestly....Chiellini has been responsible for 2-3 fu*k ups on the ball in every game this season. He always had the touch of a dead horse, but it seems like the impossible happened and it got even worse.

It was a good and intense football to be honest. It could have easily ended the other way. I didn't have a preference either way. Juventus will win the league because they just smash every small team along the way. It's not a problem for them if they occasionally lose to Inter/Roma/Napoli/Milan/Fiorentina. They'll easily beat the rest of the teams in the league and that's what we should be aiming for. Udinese for example, was a huge trip along the way. We can't drop points like that at home. Those are the ones that will cost us at the end.

I watched Fiorentina vs Roma. Both teams look vulnerable at certain moments. I think we can end up in front of both those teams this year...especially if we stay close to them until January and that reinforce with 3-4 players.

At this early stage, I would say that Juventus will win surely win the title but Napoli will give them another run.

After that, it really is a toss up.