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Watching Bologna - Samp right now.....Verdi scored an unreal goal. Hit a volley from a diagonal long cross/pass. It'll surely be one of the best goals of the season.

Anyhow, it is so crazy how much more effort the Sampdoria players were giving just 5 days ago against Milan. Muriel was so good against us, and today against Bologna he is just walking around. No runs, no movement, no pressing, no intensity. It's not jist him though. There are others that just seem uninterested. They look like a completely different team than they did a few days ago.

I just thought it's interesting to note how much motivation and attitude has to do with performance. It's crazy.

I hope Samp wins this game because I have some money riding on it. Big Grin
this is the Verdi gol , he score 3 of 3 games ,, free kick , 25 m gol vs napoli and this voley
Last year Conte was saying how Verdi is one of the best upcoming talents and I was disappointed that we let him go. I totally see him moving the ranks to a Roma or a Fiorentina sooner than later.
I was listening to the Forza Italian Football podcast and they played the Inter song at the end. It was my first time hearing it but it's actually surprisingly catchy and now I can't get it out of my head Facepalm. Before you pull out the pitchforks and call blasphemy..actually give it a listen Grinundwech Sassuolo also has a good song and well I don't need to talk about ours because I assume we're all familiar with it

Can we ban Mystik?
What the hell is going on with you Mystik? First you stop opening match threads and now this???

Ban! Big Grin
Devilol Devilol  time has been limited lately so I post when I can. I should be able to resume opening threads soon!
No time for Milan, but plenty of time for Inter? Angry

That doesn't make sense.  Huh

lol, I had a listen, got to say the Sassuolo song was kind of interesting, quite the departure from most.

I'm not a fan of club songs, but honestly think we have one of the best, if not the best in Italy, even though I do find it really cheesy.