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(10-02-2016, 04:52 PM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]I read that he has scored 3 goals out of his first 3 attempts this season.  Okmilan

Maybe we can sell Bacca and buy him back. Grinundwech

He's still 21 so there'll be plenty of time for his return. Maybe in 2030.
Roma vs Inter was insane as well. There must have been 4213497 chances but the game somehow ended 2-1 lol. Check out the highlights when you can.
Thanks for the heads up. I only saw about 5 mins of it despite hoping to watch it.

Edit: Decided to check out highlights and must say the number of clear cut chances was absurd. It was like neither team had a clue on how to defend.
Serie A week 7 analysis
Juve already won the scudetto. Congrt. to them.
Milik out at least 3 months? Unless Callejon continues his goal scoring form Napoli will be falling in the standings.
Only 3 months? I thought that I read something about him having a same/similar injury as Montolivo. Would that mean that his season is over? Maybe he is younger and will recover fast?
Napoli vs Roma on now if anyone is interested.
It's a good game to watch so far. Roma up 1-0 against the run of play and from a Koulibaly mistake. I am rooting for a tie, but if someone is to win...I would rather it be Roma.
Yea I was only able to see the first half. Napoli was very comfortable until Koulibaly decided to give Roma a gift. Hamsik was excellent from what I saw, as was Allan.

Meanwhile, Icardi has got himself into a serious mess with the Inter fans..

AND miss a penalty this morning Grinundwech