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Icardi is an immature piece of shit! A good striker, but in what world is someone like him a captain for any team, let alone one of the biggest ones in the world. Whoever gave him the captaincy is a complete idiot. Icardi proves time and time again how arrogant, stupid, and immature he is. Who the hell writes a biography at 23, let alone say things like "I will get 100 people from Argentina to kill these people (ultras) where they stand". It's beyond stupid and immature. Or, "i confronted them, I'll take them all one by many are there, 50,100?"! haha, I mean, it's comical and something that a 13 year old would say.

Now, I think most people feel the same about some of the ultras, but no need for the controversy especially if you are the captain. You are supposed to keep pressure off the team and not bring it to them.

Oh well....let Inter self-destruct!.....having said that, they just scored and are up 1-0 but Cagliari has had some very decent chances themselves and Handanovic has already had to save the day a couple times.
LOL Icardi missed his penalty and Inter eventually lost.
The 2nd half was great to watch. Cagliari could and should have scored more goals. Great to see everyone around us drop points today. Let's hope we don't continue the trend...
Wow, seems like a wild weekend. All is missing for a perfect weekend is a victory away at Chievo. Can we do it?  

[Image: 16803.jpg]
Of course we can...and we WILL!!  Sagrin Okmilan

By the way.....did anyone see the penalty that was awarded to Lazio in the 96th minute against Bologna??? This sport needs video replays badly! That was just ridiculous! And to make matters was Rizzoli to award it, who was the assistant referee behind the goal line.....with the "incident" happening literary 1 meter away from him. How are you supposed to NOT be skeptical after something like that? It was RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM! There was no contact, and the Lazio player dragged his foot to "trip" himself. I can understand mistakes. There is a human aspect to this game after all. BUT, that was just sad! 1 meter away from the referee. Bologna was just robbed off of 2 points, and Lazio wrongfully gifted 2 points at home.  To make everything even worse, the sequence for the PK started from a long ball on an offside call against Bologna....the bad part about that? The offside call was at least 5 meters inside Lazio's half. Lazio took the kick about 5 meter INSIDE THE BOLOGNA HALF! Never mind that obviously Bologna couldn't be offside on their own half. The assistant saw that, but never signaled anything...

In the end, incidents like these will even out throughout the course of a season....I am a believer of that! But there is no need for "fate to even out anything", when it is 2016 and we have all sorts of technology available to us! It's sad, really! Seeing Lotitio in the stands and knowing what kind of a character he is makes one question decisions like these even more...
ha ha Fuck Inter. I am loving the drama with Icardi.
The Icardi thing is a mess, but can't say I'm totally surprised as the guy's an idiot of the highest order. He should never have been made captain in the first place
Yes they should bring back Ranocchia as captain Big Grin
Compared to Jube Ladri, the two teams in Milano are really embarrassing themselves with their captain choices. Facepalm
tbh, if at Inter I'd probably have considered Handanovic as captain, but it just goes to show how few leaders Inter have. Juve's situation is quite easy, as literally their whole defence (Buffon, Chiellini, Bonucci and Barzagli) are capable as captains. I think after Buffon, I see Bonucci as the natural captain of the side.

As for Milan it's a bit mixed. I don't have as many issues with Montolivo being captain as most others, as when he was given the armband it was merited. However, over the years with his decline, he's not been a good captain and his unpopularity with fans compounds that problem. Abate would also have been a suitable candidate, but again his decline of late again is a major problem. I have no particular issues with these guys wearing the armband, but the problems in the club have made it difficult in recent years for them to be suitable candidates and they've never had the quality of personality to be captains that would meet expectations of our past.

However, and this is a big one, with the youth coming through in Milan, we have potential captaincy candidates in the side coming through who I totally expect to take on the armband in the future. Donnarumma has shown exceptional personality despite his age, whereas Locatelli is doing the same this year and don't forget was captain in Primavera last year. However, at this point I'm think DES will be our next captain in the next year or so, as he's more experienced at all levels. I've been satisfied with his performances this year so far and think he will still improve, but also already I believe with Montolivo out, he's vice captain after Abate.

He might not be the most popular choice among fans, but I think for the reasons above and for a few other reasons he'd be a sensible choice.