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(10-17-2016, 09:30 PM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]Compared to Jube Ladri, the two teams in Milano are really embarrassing themselves with their captain choices. Facepalm

Yes, but let`s be honest, we do not have a clear choice for a captain atm, right?
There was at least Abbiati when Montolivo was assigned. But yes, I do agree with you and Dev.
What a mess Inter are:

The whole situation is a farce, I just hope we don't have the same sort of problems in Milan.
Things look to be heading to normal in Serie A. Milan and Juve in top 3 while Inter are a mess. I am loving it !
Well, I hate Juventus Ladri more than Inter Merda. In fact, when I first started to follow Serie A (late 80s), for many seasons, Scudetto just eluded Juventus. Those were good times. Heart

The best season has to be 2006-07, when Milan won CL while Juventus was not even in Serie A. The only downside, of course, is that Merda won the Scudetto. but I guess I will take it. Big Grin
What's up with Dzeko? He's actually scoring goals this season. Nowhere near as funny as last season..
I know! He has been on fire this season. Let's hope that he will misfire when it counts most for Roma. Icon_lol2
Of course Pipita scores the winning goal for Juve vs Napoli today. Surprised he didn't celebrate after all the abuse he got from the fans following his transfer
Who cares if he celebrates or not. If we win tomorrow, we can get back to top 3, and I promise I will celebrate if that happens. Big Grin
It was a very tactical game. Few chances. For a little bit in the second half after Juventus scored the first goal, the game livened up a bit, but than Napoli scored and it settled back down again.

Sarri made a mistake in taking out Insigne. He assisted the goal and was getting more and more into the game. I felt that if something happened for Napoli, it would have been from him as he was really getting sharp....and than, Sarri takes him out for Giacherini. Really bizzare substitution...

Insigne was livid when he came off. He was yelling stuff at Sarri on the touchline. I can really see him leave. The fans wistle him every other game, the club won't give him the raise that he wants, and the coach doesn't really see him as an integral part. We should resolve this situation for him! Big Grin