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So far this season, which was meant to see them return to the top, has been the worst of recent years, which is quite an achievement.

The problem isn't just the team and coaching, there's chaos throughout the club, there's a lack of clarity and consistency across all the management. They can turn it around, but they need to reconsider what they want to try and do this season. I think if there, I'd be considering this season a write off and be used to start building the platforms going forward (i.e. get the management sorted, then start working to put the foundations in place for coaching and playing staff). They also can't afford to keep changing coach, they need to find one that fits their ideas and trust him, giving him time to build his side.
Teams around us dropping points today
Napoli 1 - 1 Lazio
We can't be in a better position to solidify a top 3 ranking.
Yeah, we need to win today without fail.

Pescara - Empoli now, could be interesting.
Wow, Inter 3-0 Crotone. 84' 89' 93' Rolleyes
Crotone was he only team I hadn't seen play this season. I saw the game vs Inter today, and I have to say....they are by far the worst team in Serie A. I am not just trying to discredit Inter's win. But in all honesty, Crotone's level is simply not for Serie A. I am not even sure how exactly they've gotten the points they did so far. Ironically, they almost got a point out of Inter too if it wasn't for those late goals. But truth be told, they went to the game only willing to attack with 3-4 players, and even than...they were not solid when defending with all those numbers. They were leaving spaces all over the field and did absolutely nothing with the ball for the most part.
It's only Tuttosport but

Inter are trying to off-load French midfielder Geoffrey Kondogbia to Chelsea

Atalanta is really flying this season. Just beat Roma 2-1 at home. I haven't really watched them but I've heard that there also mainly focusing on youth and their coach is really doing a good job getting the most out of them and getting points on the table. Might be worth keeping an eye on some of their players for the future..
I watched only the 1st half of that game and Roma was cruising. Total control of the game and should have scored more. I can't believe that Atalanta came back to win this in the 2nd half. But thats great for us obviously.

By the way, according to the old rules (until this season) the player that handled the ball from Atalanta on the PK would have been sent off...and the game would have been as good as over. I like the fact that these offenses are not punished twice (a pk and a red card) accordong to the new rules. This game is the perfect example of how that can affect a game.
That result is a double-edge sword apparently. While it provides us a great chance to leapfrog Roma for the 2nd spot, in the meantime, both Lazio and Atalanta are already ahead of us on goal difference, which means that we cannot afford to lose today.

Serie A this season again has gone to Juventus. So annoying. Angry