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Atalanta's got an exciting team for sure, they're doing something kind of similar to us this year, in that Gasperini is putting faith in his young talents.

A few names of note this year are:

Kessie: A young Ivorian midfielder who's on the radar for a number of big clubs, notably Juve who seem set to get him. Very strong all round, technically excellent, but also physically very strong.

Caldara: A player I hope we're keeping an eye on, he plays CB and at 22 is having an excellent season so far, scoring three goals of late, but also very solid in defence. Needs to work on his distribution, but looks very strong.

Petagna: If the name sounds familiar it's because he's from our youth system. A big strong forward that has been showing impressive development this year.

Andrea Conti: Plays on the right of midfield, but can also play defensively as RB

Gagliardini: Another young midfielder coming through the ranks.

The last two I haven't watched as closely hence I've said less about them, but Atalanta are a team to watch right now. Gasperini deserves credit too, he's very good in developing players, notably Niang, Suso and Bertolacci all had their breakthrough under him in recent years.
Good update on Atalanta Dev. Thanks for that!
Thanks and no problem nefremo. I think Italian football is going through an interesting phase as we're seeing more and more clubs starting to build from a young base with some great success, so it's worth keeping an eye on clubs like Atalanta.

I think we're seeing a slight cultural shift, in that in previous years we wouldn't have seen such opportunities given to youngsters, and with teams like Sassuolo, Bologna, Empoli and now Atalanta, never mind us, having enjoyed reasonable success, I think we'll continue to see a shift.
The games are also a lot more exciting. There is more pace about them and more intensity. I think you are right and it all comes from a cultural shift. I am glad it's happening.

The one complaint I still have is the broadcasts. I've been at the San Siro smd the place gets as loud as anyone can immagine. The echo and noise in there is unreal. It makes for a lot better viewing if you can hear that on TV. Instead, during the derby for example, I could barely hear the crowd and all I could hear was the commentary and just a little blurred singing in the back....while I know the singing is loud as hell.

Is anyone else experiencing this or is it just maybe BeInSport in USA that's broadcasting this in a shitty way?

For example when I watch EPL, even 30 people singing in the stands is made to sound like it's 30,000 singing.
Genoa 3-0 Juventus at the 40th minute..
I saw the scoreline on Livescore and thought there must be some error.
Posted on our match thread, so copy and paste to here:

Regardless, next week is essential for us now. Juve (1) v Atalanta (3), Napoli (7) v Merda (13), Lazio (4) v Roma (5), Torino (6) v Samp (9). Apart from us, it's essentially a power-house showdown. Regardless of the results, we'll be leaving a portion of our closest competitors in the dust so long as we manage to win against Crotone.
It seems that both Alves and Bonucci were injured in this game.
Check out Genoa's first goal. It took FOUR shots to finally make the ball go in. Buffon almost pulled off a miracle.