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Juventus: 1 Buffon; 43 Sorensen, 15 Barzagli, 19 Bonucci, 3 Chiellini; 27 Krasic, 4 Melo, 14 Aquilani, 8 Marchisio; 20 Toni 32 Matri.

Inter: 1 Julio Cesar; 13 Maicon, 2 Cordoba, 15 Ranocchia, 4 Zanetti; 15 Kharja, 8 Thiago Motta, 19 Cambiasso; 10 Snejider; 7 Pazzini, 9 Eto'o.
Never thought I would say this but Forza Juve!
(02-13-2011, 08:23 PM)Nalx Wrote: [ -> ]Never thought I would say this but Forza Juve!

Haha, I want to say it too, just for this occasion Big Grin
I still wouldn't say forza juve. I could say forza jube. Big Grin
(02-13-2011, 08:25 PM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]I still wouldn't say forza juve. I could say forza jube. Big Grin

Haha, I don't know if there is a time when I must say: Forza Merda Big Grin

Forza Jube Big Grin
What a miss by ETO....thank god.
Match ended.

Congrat. Jube, you deserve 6th Big Grin
Matri scored the only goal, and could have scored a second (similar) one early into the second half, followed by another good chance which was cleared by Maicon.

Inter was horrible to watch, and only came back to the game in the final 25 minutes or so. Pandev was active and seemed to have activated Merda's offense which brought them back to the game. That was also helped by Juventus' strange substitutes. Pepe was utter crap (was he also the one that made a huge mistake and led to Inter's best chance ending with Eto'o unbelievably hitting the bar?), Sissoko was crap; Iaquinta was invisible. I was surprised that Matri was never substituted. He seemed to have hurt his rib, but while Juventus still had substitutes left they just kept him on the field. Matri couldn't run and looked very painful towards the end.

Eto'o was very good, and extremely mobile. Buffon was fantastic today, without him I would say that Juventus wouldn't have won. I think his heroics destroyed Eto'o's confidence in the end.

It is also good to see the cluelessness of Leonardo. He could do nothing even his team was chasing the game. I believe that he didn't even use up all three substitutes.

The referee was strangely lenient. Zanetti and Cambiasso both should've got cautioned with yellow, but surprisingly got away with nothing. Both were typical yellowable fouls. I was also hoping that Inter would be depleted by suspension for the midweek game against Fiorentina who just won 4-2 against an equally unpredictable Palermo.

Inter now has one game at hand, and still 8 points behind. Smile I am looking forward to that same result in a few days.

Forza Milan. Heart
Thanks Juve! You got the job done where Palermo and Roma failedCool
It has been several seasons in a row now that Juventus can always grind results out of Merda (no matter how crappy they were and how strong Merda were). This year still the same result, while Inter Merda didn't look too scary.

Merda got only 1 point out of two games.

Good job, Jube. Now you may start losing again. Big Grin

(02-13-2011, 10:40 PM)Aficio Wrote: [ -> ]Match ended.

Congrat. Jube, you deserve 6th Big Grin

Big Grin