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I agree!
Some news, I just read on football italia that Salah's out for 3 weeks, meaning he will probably miss the game against us next week. Could be a vital loss for Roma, as he's been arguably their best player so far this year (thought Dzeko probably just claims that spot).

In other Atalanta news, Gasperini comments on how he thinks Kessie and Caldara are ready for a step up. I agree with him, these two have in particular stood out imo among all their young talents. I'm not sure how possible it is to get Kessie (though I've never hidden that I like what I've seen so would welcome him), but I hope we've been keeping a close eye on Caldara, who's been excellent this year and looks more and more like he could be the genuine article.
Salah injury is a massive blow for them. But still we need to shut Dzeko. I think we can win that game. Roma always choke.
Watching Juve - Atalanta and at half time 2-0 to Juve. However, the match itself is a great tactical battle. Allegri totally outfoxed Gasperini in the early parts by having a 4-3-1-2 which was narrow, but with the diamond was extremely dominant in the middle (thus dominating possession). This, together with an extremely aggressive approach (Alex Sandro and Liechsteiner were pretty much wingers to press their men), they were comfortably 2-0 up.

However, Gasperini's responded really well, effectively moving Gomez central and Kessie left to mirror the diamond midfield, to prevent Juve dominating the ball in the middle. His two widemen have pushed up to pin the Juve wingbacks back and thus Atalanta were actually getting more of the game towards the latter part of the half.

Juve have the advantage, but I think Allegri needs to respond, as if he's not careful and Atalanta pull one back, Juve could actually suffer. That said, with the way Atalanta are playing, I think quick breaks in the wide areas could be damaging if they aren't careful.

I'm also watching the match to keep an eye on Caldara, who's been impressive in the first half despite some difficult situations to deal with. However, of young CBs on show, I think Rugani's been the standout so far.
Juve 3-0 Mandzukic. Allegri again switched the shape of his side, losing some symmetry to push the Atalanta players out of position and open up spaces. However, probably the biggest issue with Atalanta this match has been defending set pieces (Rugani also scoring off a corner), where they've been dreadful.
Final score 3-1 to Juve. In all honesty there wasn't much of a contest today, Allegri got the better of Gasperini throughout the match and Juve were always comfortable. The goal conceded was a moment of switching off rather than any sort of great work by Atalanta.
I watched the Torino - Juventus game, and I gotta say, as good as Mihajlovic has prepared Torino and as well as they played up until the 80th minutes.......Mihajlovic is completely to blame for the score. He made 3 substitutions at the same time at the 81st minute, after what might have been Torino's best spell of the game. The were creating dangerous opportunities and really looked like the team that might win the game. They were completely in line with the rhythm of the game and were actually pushing the pace!
Than Mihajlovic decided to make 3 substitutions at the same time. In all honesty, during a spell of the game where you are the better side, I don't know if there is the need to make ANY substitutions, let alone 3. You may justify making one substitution just to use that good period as an advantage and add another weapon somewhere that you see the need for it.......but making 3 substitutions completely killed the rhythm of the game. It actually allowed Juventus to gather themselves up, and after scoring a goal, they completely just killed the game off by little fouls and slowing everything down. Substitutes take sometimes 5-10 minutes just to get with the pace of the game and figure out the opponent's movements for themselves. Making 3 of them at the same time cost Torino the game.

This was a classic example of the coach costing a team the game. It's a shame because Torino really could have won this...and in all honesty, at the very least, if the subs weren't made this game was just going to end in a draw!
Higuain scores against Roma, 1-0. Right now it's all Juve, Roma aren't even in the game, total dominance thus far.
Roma making a game of this since conceding, hopefully this game will be a decent watch.
I am happy Roma lost. We have no chance of catching Juve so no point in even hoping right now. The more points that Roma drops the better. In all honesty, I think Napoli will leapfrog Roma easily in the next few weeks. Napoli is playing some amazing stuff. If we have any chance of taking 3rd, it'll be by gaining more points than Roma. Napoli will be 2nd when it's all set and done.