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If anyone hasn't, be sure to check out Merten's last goal. It was a thing of absolute beauty.
(12-19-2016, 05:14 AM)Mystik Wrote: [ -> ]If anyone hasn't, be sure to check out Merten's last goal. It was a thing of absolute beauty.

I saw it. What an intelligent player.
Insigne just opened the scoring against Fiorentina with an absolute golazo

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It was an absolutely incredible shot. What a goal!

BUT, he was offside when he received the ball from Hamsik.

Also, worth noting that it was Badelj's terrible loss of possession in his own half that led to the opportunity in the first place.
YEEEEESSSSS! Chievo up 1-0!

edit: shouldn't have said anything...El Shaarawy with a great FK goal to make it 1-1.
So Roma ended up winning 3-1.

Fiorentina - Napoli was an incredible game. Napoli scored a PK (questionable if you ask me as Mertens really put his best acting skills forward) with literary the last kick of the game to tie the game 3-3. Badelj had a pretty average to bad game. His mistake led to the first goal for Napoli, and he never really recovered from that. he just looked shaky the whole game. Not a good game by him. Bernardeschi on the other hand was incredible. He was a handful the entire game. I gotta say, he really is developing into a quality player.

Juventus --------- 42*
Roma ------------- 38
Napoli ------------- 35
Lazio --------------- 34
Milan --------------- 33*
Atalanta ------------ 32
Inter ---------------- 30
Torino -------------- 28
Fiorentina ---------- 27

Milan and Juventus both have a game in hand, and with a win we would be 3rd and 2 points away from 2nd. Our next game after the break is against Cagliari at the San Siro. It's an absolute must win game for us, while Roma (Genoa away) and Napoli (Samp at home) both have tough games.....especially Roma. I really don't expect Roma to win at Genoa. That is a very tough place to play at and Genoa is almost unbeatable at their stadium. The only team that's been able to beat them there this season was Palermo in a crazy 4-3 game. It's worth noting that they've played Fiorentina, Juventus, Napoli and Milan at the Marassi.

With the Christmas break now here, I think we all kind of know where the teams stand and what we can probably expect moving forward. January will be crucial for everyone. At the end of January we will really see who will fight for the EL and who will fight for the CL. I fully expect Torino and Atalanta to drop off from this pace. Lazio and Fiorentina to follow. Some would put us in that bracket (Lazio and Fiorentina) and that's fine...but as biased as I am (and we all are), I can't do that right now. Big Grin
Rugani vs Roma
I really wish we had somehow bought him. He and Romagnoli would've been incredible at the back.
Yeah, I don't think anyone would mind Rugani. He's finding space at Juve though so it seems difficult for him to leave now.

On another note, Pietro Pellegri is now the joint youngest debutant in Italian football history having played a part last night for Genoa last night. Don't know if people remember, but we were linked to him, he's one to keep an eye on.
Inter seem set to have an interesting year based on their mercato rumours. First they're set to get a loan + obligation deal for Gagliardini that would be worth 30m. I've said my thoughts on the cost in my post in the mercato thread yesterday.

On top of that, they're rumoured to be after Verratti and one of Berardi or Bernadeschi in the summer. Apparently they're rebuilding around a group of Italian players.
They are definitely going to drop some serious cash this summer. The fact that they offered 75mil Euros for James last summer is just an indication that they will try and close some big deals. I think Suning will continue the trend of Chinese clubs spending huge amount of money only that they will do it with Inter too.

My only hope is that our Chinese owners get in on this too and close some deals themselves. I really expect the upcoming Italian summer market to be somewhat "dominated" by Milan and Inter. Both groups will spend big, I am sure of that.