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What about their FFP troubles? They already have a reduced squad in the EL

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Yea, but Suning didn't get a chance to really work on that once they took over. There are ways around it, like ridiculous sponsorship deals. I also will not be surprised if somehow Jiangsu Suning "offers" Inter an insane amount of money for some of their players that they may not want anymore to offset FFP (and at the same time strengthen their club in China). Let's say for example, 50mil Euro offer for Banega.
If anyone's watching, Napoli - Sampdoria is a great game so far, currently at 0-1. Sarri and Giampaolo having a great tactical battle, Giampaolo winning so far. That said, Sampdoria are holding a high press and I'm not sure how long they can keep it up and Napoli have made in roads when they've pushed their mezzala high and wide, with the wide forward coming in.
Ha! I think Napoli should send the ref a gift in the post after this showing. Samp lost 2-1 totally undeservedly, firstly for a non-existent sending off (despite Silvestre being stupid) and pretty much gifting Napoli the win with a number of calls in their favour (including to clear offsides that were never called).

I'm actually irritated by this game, it was a good game that Samp should have won given how they were playing prior to the sending off. Complete injustice
I wasn't watching the game, but was following it on I wasn't happy to see the red card, and I guessed that the red card had to be the game changer. Particularly when Napoli scored deep into the stoppage time, it was so annoying.
Fu**ing Udinese! How can these teams get the lead almost every time only lose the game in the final minutes. What a p***y mentality! I swear I can't stand watching some of the smaller Italian teams....
Amazing. Lazio also scored in the last minute. Facepalm
lol, every one of our direct competitors (except Atalanta) are just barely winning, but they've all won!! Roma win thanks to an own goal, Lazio last minute, Inter just plain fluked it today and Napoli last minute yesterday!

Anyway, we just need to focus on us.

On a different note, I must say I'm growing more and more fond of Marco Giampaolo. He's set up a similar Sampdoria side to what he had at Empoli last year. His Sampdoria side are a little inconsistent, but they've got a clear identity with his imprint and should be a little higher up the table given their performances. Torreira is also very impressive breaking up play in the middle. I think Giampaolo's one to keep a close eye on for the future post Montella (hopefully Montella's highly successful and that's a while away Big Grin )
I agree on Torreira. I mentioned him a while ago but what struck me wasn't his ability to break up play but the way he uses the ball and how well he plays out of pressure with it. He is definitely a player to keep an eye on and it's a good thing he isn't overhyped yet. Hopefully it stays that way. This guy would be a bargain at only the age of 20.
Yeah, his work on the ball is more lauded and he's an intelligent user of the ball, but his positioning defensively is generally what stands out to me most. Felt sorry he and Barretto (who was outstanding) were on the losing side against Napoli.