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What is this? lol

ha ha what the fack is that logo. Did Marotta attend a photoshop workshop and make it himself? I thought our mondo Milan logo was bad but this is a whole new level of shitty.
For some reason, it reminds me of the weird and controversial London 2012 Olympics logo. Big Grin 

[Image: 2012-london-olympic-logo.jpg]
How bad can the relegation teams possibly be in Serie A? I don't understand how you can be Palermo, deep in the relegation zone with time running out to survive in this league, and you give THIS kind of a performance AT HOME? It's not because of lack of effort. There is just no quality there! Zero quality! What a shit team! Inter was sooo sloppy today. Looked like they were in 1st gear the whole game and somehow they still win 1-0 and had 18 shots to Palermo's 7. To make it even worse, possession was somewhat even. This is how bad Palermo is...

I have absolutely no expectations of these teams to take ANY points from a top half team for the rest of the season. This league seriously needs to go down to 18 teams because this is embarrassing. I mean, the 18th placed Crotone is 11 points behind Empoli in 17th. They might as well just relegate these 3 teams now and be done with it. Pescara hasn't won a single game all season! I can't even begin to think how bad Serie B must be....
Evra to Marseille
Is there something rotten in the state of Italian football? That is the question due to be asked over the next two months by Italy’s parliamentary anti-mafia commission which will look into the thorny question of the infiltration (or attempted infiltration) of organised crime into Italian football.
Wow. I will be looking forward to hearing the reports on that meeting!
20 bucks say Galliani features somewhere.

Also Napoli destroyed Bologna. With Milik coming back, their clash with Real is gonna be pretty interesting.
I think Napoli will "outplay" Real.....but Real's counters will surely hurt Napoli as they do leak a lot of goals. They surely play the best football in Italy by far though. The only team that can realistically break the front 3 in Italy atm is Inter. But they will need some luck and one of Roma/Napoli to faulter big time. Not so sure it'll happen. It's fine by me because I really don't want to see Inter in the CL.
Juve beat Inter 1-0 after an amazing goal by Cuadrado. I only saw the first half, where in fairness Inter did a decent job, I'd argue they were the better side, but it was Juve who scored and the timing couldn't have been much better, just before half time.