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I don't think Juve and their whole "five star" formation looks good at all. However, their individual quality is just good enough to keep winning in Serie A.
Dev and Mystik, I agree. I don't think Juventus has looked good all year. Even in the CL group that they were given, they never really dominated a game to be honest. When you see the players that they have, you sort of expect them to dominate, but they don't play all that great. Like you guys said, they just have individual players better than anyone else in the league. It kind of goes along with the conversation we've been having in the Sampdoria match thread. Whereas our players never seem to do anything out of the ordinary to win games, Juventus's players seem to do it in every game. They get outplayed, but one of their players just decides to step out of that line of of just doing ordinary things and wins them the game.
Zeman back in Serie A with Pescara Musik005

Pescara - Milan April 2 should be fun Big Grin
I remember at the beginning of the season, Oddo and Pescara were so hyped. Who would have thought that by now they haven't even won one game on the pitch. Sad
Zeman trashing Genoa 3-0 in first 30 minutes.
Get ready for some 5-3 wins...amd losses for Pescara! Big Grin
They won after 23 games...5-0. Respect.
Crazy!!! 5-0? Zeman Okmilan
(02-19-2017, 05:34 PM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]Crazy!!! 5-0? Zeman Okmilan

Zdenek Zeman made an extraordinary impact, as Pescara demolished Genoa 5-0 on his debut, their first Serie A win since 2013.
Rarely has a change of management seen such a transformation, but Zemanlandia is well and truly back at the Stadio Adriatico.
I remeber him since he managed my ,beside Milan also favorite team Red Star ,he succeded to be the worst coach we had in our history Big Grin

"On 17 June 2008 Red Star Belgrade unveiled Zeman as their new head coach. However, after only five competitive games as Red Star's head coach, on 6 September 2008 Zeman was sacked because of catastrophic results in Serbian League and UEFA Cup. During Zeman's management, Red Star hadn't managed to score in three matches of the domestic league and club found themselves on the bottom of the table for the first time in 24 years. Red Star were also eliminated in the qualifying round of the UEFA Cup by APOEL F.C. from Cyprus."