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A Milan legend just scored, guess who Big Grin
Destro, Birsa, Muntari all scored today.

Let me guess:

Destro? Birsa?

The one back in Serie A

Muntari Big Grin
So, Inter lost to Sampdoria? That makes the loss of our 2 points more painful. Confused
(04-03-2017, 10:32 PM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]So, Inter lost to Sampdoria? That makes the loss of our 2 points more painful. Confused

After our result, I didn't even check to see how our rivals were doing. Does 6th place get into the EL this year or is it only top 5? My hunch is top 6 because Juve, Napoli, Lazio, and Roma are the remaining semifinalists and are practically locked into the top 5, but I don't know how exactly the rule works.
First, it is always a good day when Inter lose. Big Grin

In fact, like you, I was so frustrated too that I didn't bother to keep up with the other games. I didn't really check it; the news came to me. LOL.

As for EL, this is my guess:
the 4th and 5th in the league, and the Cup winner go to EL. The Cup winner goes to the group stage, so does the 4th. The 5th start from qualifications round.
If the Cup winner is already 4th or 5th (or top 3), then the 6th gets to play EL, but they will start from the qualifications round.
You have that right Xu.

There are still many points up for grabs. 24 to be exact, and we are 6 points away from 4th, 4 from 5th, and 1 from 6th. Anything can still happen and our schedule isn't very difficult. But we just can't keep dropping points to teams like Pescara. I just can't believe Atalanta's form. They just don't drop points...
I don't know, but I am not worried about Atalanta or Lazio. I feel that they will eventually slip and collapse. But you guys know me, I don't care for EL anyway, but Napoli is 10 points away with only 8 games left....
Napoli 1-0 up vs Lazio right now. Only one team in it so far
When this Napoli team is on song, they're a joy to watch. Hopefully they keep their important pieces over the summer (unless if they're selling to us Big Grin)

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