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Napoli killed Lazio 3:0. Good news for our EL pursuit, but it also put the final nail on the coffin for CL.
There was no CL hope anyway.
Fiorentina 1 - 2 Empoli
Genoa 2 - 2 Lazio
Roma 1 - 1 Atalanta

4 Lazio 61
5 Atalanta 60
6 Milan 58
7 Inter 56
8 Fiorentina 52
Call me crazy but I am confident.
(04-10-2017, 12:05 PM)Sampinjon Wrote: [ -> ]There was no CL hope anyway.

True, but hope dies last. Smile
Pippo & Venezia promoted to Serie B.
Napoli inching closer to second place. I'd say that they deserve to finish second based on the way they're playing.

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The kind of thing that may apply to us soon ...

"Inter have announced that they have met their Financial Fair Play target for 2016, with a loss of €30m.

The Nerazzurri were sanctioned in May 2015, with their European squad size limited this season as punishment.

They were told that they must limit losses to €30m in 2016 and break even in 2017, with a fine of €7m in each year if the target wasn’t met."
lol I wouldn't be surprised if they played with the numbers a bit in order to get the finances to work
Inter is the gift that keeps on giving!!

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