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Haha I was so mad when Bernardeschi missed the pk. He was actually at fault for Inter's second goal. But this is great! One more please Viola!!!
Fiorentina 5-4 Inter FT, 1-2 at HT Grinser044
Can't believe that Inter scored four goals when they played Fiorentina away. Grinundwech
That was some of the worst defending I've seen in a long time.
I saw the first half and feel gutted I missed the second. Caught up with the highlights, but even in the first half it was obvious the defences were shambolic in the match.

Napoli also dropped points vs Sassuolo
Sound familiar?

Reports suggest the sale of Palermo could be delayed, as there is essentially no-one on the board.
Paul Baccaglini was announced as the new patron of the Rosanero, but Corriere dello Sport reports that he hasn’t been seen in the city for several days.
At least our new owners "had legitimate excuses" when it came to the Chinese restrictions. What are the restrictions and difficulties of moving money out of the USA?? (that's where the Palermo group is coming from, right?)
Quote:Muntari: 'Racist insults from kids'
By Football Italia staff

Sulley Muntari and Pescara Coach Zdenek Zeman reveal the midfielder was being racially abused by children in Cagliari.

The Ghanaian midfielder became agitated and tried to urge the referee to halt play when he heard insults coming from the stands at the Stadio Sant’Elia.

When the referee not only continued, but then booked Muntari for dissent, the former Milan man was furious and stormed off. He was then substituted.

“They were chanting against me from the start, then in the first half I saw in the group there were some children and the parents said nothing,” Muntari explained to Sky Sport Italia.

“So I turned to the parents and gave them my jersey, to set the example. In the Curva, the issue continued with another group of fans.

“I was trying to reason with them, but the referee told me to leave them alone. That’s when I got angry. Because rather than stop the game, he decided to punish me?

“The fans were wrong, but the referee had to act differently, not accuse me of causing trouble. I am the victim here. If the officials begin actually stopping games when this happens, I am convinced it won’t happen again.”

Pescara Coach Zeman also commented on the incident in their 1-0 defeat to Cagliari.

“Muntari heard racist chants and asked the referee to intervene. There is so much talk about what we should do, but then we do nothing and shrug it off.

“Muntari left us down to 10 men, he left of his own volition when we could’ve still had our say in the final minutes. The Cagliari fans constantly hurled racist chants at him and he asked the referee to intervene.

“Sulley therefore decided to leave in protest.”
So disappointed that this is STILL happening in Italy and even more disappointed that parents are clearly encouraging their kids to engage in this behaviour, just continuing the cycle. I hope if there's video evidence that the team is punished in some way. More needs to be done to stamp this kind of thing out of football.
Very sad indeed, it's even worse to think the parents would do nothing and stand by them.
These children are going to be the future leaders of Italy? Rolleyes