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(05-01-2017, 03:40 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]Very sad indeed, it's even worse to think the parents would do nothing and stand by them.

Of course not. Where do you think these children learned their behavior from?  Sleepy
This can't even be serious...

Quote:Muntari punished in racism probe
By Football Italia staff

Sulley Ali Muntari has been suspended by the Disciplinary Commission for walking off during Cagliari-Pescara due to racist insults, but Inter and Lazio have suspended bans.

The incident caused huge controversy in Serie A and beyond, as the midfielder was booked by the referee for dissent.

The Ghana international then became angry and walked off the field, as the official refused to stop the game.

Not only has the Muntari yellow card not been rescinded, and therefore he is given a one-match ban, but also Cagliari have avoided any punishment for the racist chants.

This is because the officials at the ground wrote in their report that the racist chants were coming from only around 10 people, thus less than one per cent of the circa 2,000 in the stadium.

They also noted it was only audible because the rest of the supporters were staging a ‘silent protest’ and therefore the decision was made not to penalise Cagliari, not even with a warning or a fine.

However, racist chants were clearly heard from Inter fans aimed towards Napoli defender Kalidou Koulibaly “from 80 per cent of the 7,000 people” in the ‘secondo anello verde’ section of the stands.

That section of San Siro is therefore closed, albeit only as a suspended sentence for a period of a year.

The same punishment was aimed at Lazio and the Curva Nord, where again 80 per cent of the 7,000 people in that area were judged to be taking part in the racist chant towards Roma defender Antonio Rudiger.

Lazio’s Curva Nord was given a suspended sentence for one year, pending closure of that section.

Inter were also fined €10,000 for chants of ‘territorial discrimination’ against Napoli supporters and Genoa fined €15,000 for throwing fireworks.
How the hell do they come up with these percentages???? 10 people out of 2,000? 80% of 7,000? What a load of shit! Even if it's one person out of 80,000, they should ban that person from ever entering another stadium! Period! Don't punish the clubs and the players, just punish the idiots who want to live in the stone ages. If you have any proof (there is no reason not to have it in this day and age) than ban them for life. You will see that these drastic measures will clean up the shitheads immediately. And the ones that are left (there will always be some, unfortunately) will at least keep their fuking mouth shut!!!

It doesn't make any sense to card Muntari. This is nonsense. This stuff goes beyond football! A bunch of fossils running this damn league. Won't get on with the wonder the state of Italian football is where it is....
I was going to comment on this earlier but didn't have time. It's pretty pathetic how poorly Italian football is administrated. The Cagliari president has given a public apology to Muntari, yet it's the victim in this situation that gets punished.

Absolutely absurd.
Inter have fired Pioli after two points from 10 games.
(05-09-2017, 11:19 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Inter have fired Pioli after two points from 10 games.

Hopefully they continue down that road..
Hey, at least Inter is still a circus. Big Grin
Pioli started with 6 (or 7?) consecutive wins and finished with 8 defeats in 10 games. Inter know no middle ground.
Bit surprised that Pioli already sacked, but it seems patience has run out and Inter may still be hoping for an upset in the last few games to reach EL.

Spaletti is also pretty much set to leave Roma, the relationship seems to be completely broken.
Yup ,Spaletti leaves 100%. Montella said few days ago that he would gladly return to Roma if they offer ,so let's hope they will and significantly help us with new season.