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Full Version: Serie A
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ha ha I love what a joke Inter are.
That's great.
LOL Inter.
Thank goodness for Inter. Big Grin
Big Grin I saw their game....there are clearly some serious locker room issues there. But for us. I know many people couldn't care any less about the EL, but I think there are many benefits to being in it. The only thing that sucks is playing the early qualifying rounds, but oh well.

Also, after looking like certain relegation for the bottom 3 (Palermo, Pescara, Crotone) all season, it is certainly looking interesting now. I am really hoping Crotone makes it. They are now within a point of Empoli and 2 from Genoa. How funny would it be if Genoa gets relegated! Big Grin How crazy if Galliani's "retirement" also leads to their relegation...
It would be nice to see Genoa relagated. They're just 2 points away now.
Pretty cool to see SPAL get promoted to Serie A.
Is it any wonder that a big Genoa decline coincides with B&G leaving?   Coffee
Well ,they'll certanly have to cope with significant budget cuts for next season.