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Wonder what happens with Mauri now that they seem certain to go down
I don't see a place for him at Milan
Yea, I don't think Mauri is up to it.

I am so glad Crotone made it. I was really rooting for them. What they were able to do in the last few months of the season has been incredible.
Check out Napoli's goals against Sampdoria - absolute peaches basically each one of them. I am glad that the second and third place teams have recorded the highest number of points that we have seen in a while.

Hopefully Napoli keep their key pieces together and with us reinforcing heavily this summer as well, Italian football may soon be among the world's best again! I am tired of pundits, especially in the English-speaking media, overlooking the quality of the Italian teams and players in this league.
Agree on Crotone completely, simply a fantastic achievement.

Agree on Napoli's goals too, Insigne's was particularly nice. They play the best brand of football in Italy imo, the only thing that really stops them from competing with Juve right now is they need to instill a winning mentality and learn to win ugly too.
Crotone champion of Serie A next season ?
They did like Leicester before the year of their title ... Big Grin
Crotone should hire Galliani lol
Very sad news as a lady passes away following the stampede from CL final.

Interesting comments from Dani Alves regarding Dybala

I'm not sure what to make of it, as if I was a Juve fan I'd be furious that he'd suggest Juve (who have reached 2 CL finals in 3 years) isn't a place where Dybala can reach his full potential. As a calcio fan, I'm disappointed to see this, because it really shows a perception of how low Italian football has gotten following the years of difficulty.

That isn't to say that's the way it will remain this way, I genuinely believe over the next few years we'll see Italian football rise again barring unfortunate circumstances. Juve are where they've generally traditionally been, dominant domestically, but not the same force in Europe. I think Roma, Lazio and to an extent Napoli are also in the position they've generally been over the years, clubs near the top, but not winners.

The gap right now is Milan and Inter, both of which are traditional powerhouses in the Italian game languishing in midtable. We in particular are missed, because unlike Juve, Milan are seen as a team that plays with European ambitions and gives Italian football it's greatest exposure on a global level.

So why be hopeful? Well, Milan's rebuilding process right now is taking all the right steps forward, with ambitions seemingly set at a global level in keeping with the traditions. Inter meanwhile, are already a year ahead in the rebuilding process and while the past season was another massive disappointment for them, it seems unlikely it will remain that way. It's quite funny, as reading Inter forums it was interesting to see the panic about how fast our market is moving. The irony is they have a competitive squad on a technical level, they don't need to work like our new owners do. In Spaletti, they've got a coach who can get much more out of the team than the coaches last season (and I'm not even that big a fan of Spaletti Big Grin ).

It seems unlikely Serie A will stay where it is with the investment coming in.

This... how ironic that only after a couple of days of Donnarumma's fiasco that FIFA decides to open disciplinary proceedings... It might be only a coincidence but still iroic.

I wouldn't be surprised if an inquiry about Raiola's antics is opened soon after.
I saw Marotta switch very quickly on his words after his comments to say agents are greedy to Raiola earnt his pay. Seems like Juve are in a nervous position right now.