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(06-21-2017, 03:16 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]I saw Marotta switch very quickly on his words after his comments to say agents are greedy to Raiola earnt his pay. Seems like Juve are in a nervous position right now.

I hope that Juventus will get in some trouble. I look forward to that.  Sagrin
There's a huge amount of news surrounding our market and rightly we can be optimistic, but I was wondering what people thought of the other teams? My thoughts are below on some of those of interest:

Juve: It looks like they will incrementally add to the existing group, potentially losing a decent player like Alex Sandro, but then picking up half decent alternatives to replace him. I think getting Douglas Costa would be a big addition, while Bernadeschi could strengthen the core they are building around. I also think it's a decent environment for him to grow.

Roma: They seem to be more prepared to sell than recruit this summer, they appear to be weakening. That said, I'll wait and see how they progress before judging, especially as those they have got are good or very good players, particularly Pellegrini and Gonalons.

Lazio: Another who at this point are at crossroads which could see them lose key players (Keita and Biglia) and weaken. They need to reinvest wisely to strengthen, as right now they don't look set to maintain the level they reached last year as things stand.

Inter: Potentially they could have a massive mercato. They've been slow to act, but if they get the caliber of players they're linked to, then they would be making major additions to an already strong squad. However, as seen last season, good players doesn't equal success. Spaletti's touted as the man to get the best out of their players, but I'm hesitant. He's a decent coach and really good tactician, but I don't like him as a man manager. We've seen his struggles with dealing with egos in Roma in a very public dispute, and at Inter with the players they have, there could be fireworks. I'm not impressed with his initial press conference, which was rather confrontational looking at GDS headlines  this morning

"Spalletti, whoever gets it wrong is out*
‘There are lads who had better go elsewhere. Champions League is an obligation. On the market, the club has to maintain the promises it made me’
*Gabigol, Medel, Jovetic, Nagatomo, here’s the list of those who must leave"

Napoli: Right now Ounas is really the only real addition and he's more a long term prospect. However, where Napoli have done well so far is making sure they keep their key players from the past season, giving them consistency in building their side. They played the best football in Italy last season, now they need a couple of additions to push forward to challenge Juve.

Fiorentina: Massively concerning times for the Viola, set to be losing a huge number of their key players, on top of which Della Valle seems to be putting them into uncertain times financially and looking for buyers.

Atalanta: A few interesting additions, including Vido and Pessina from us and Castagne, but it's hard to see them as strong as last season with all the departures. If they lose Papu Gomez, which isn't unrealistic, I think they're in for a disappointment this season following the highs of last.

Sassuolo: I added them to my list because I'd be very concerned if a Sassuolo fan. They've lost Pellegrini and will potentially lose Berardi and Acerbi. On top, they've lost EDF, who has been vital to their growth in recent years.

It's interesting, as Milan and Inter look set to strengthen significantly, but others seem set to weaken this year, meaning the dynamic of the league could change quite a lot.

I'm not suggest anyone comments on the same teams, but I think it's an interesting time to follow Serie A.
Suning seems to be aiming a bit too ambitiously. I think they do have the money but starting off from the likes of Sanchez and Vidal is not very plausible. Seems to me the rumours are actually real but bigger players should probably be a 'second phase' for them, they should instead rebuild and get one or two big players in August if they can or next summer.
Well it depends on what sort of rebuilding is needed in your view. The way I see it, they have a quality group of individuals, so don't have the level of construction we need. I think they need wingbacks, a cb, a midfield leader and a Perisic replacement if he leaves.

That's not a huge number of signings, so IMO they should push for top players if possible. If they can get a couple of world class players (that's a big if without cl football), they can seriously challenge for the title IMO.
At the moment, on paper and also by what the expectations of the remainder of the market are, I think Juventus, Milan, Napoli and Inter are the favorites for the top 4 spots. Yes, I am putting Roma out because I still expect them to lose a few more players and they just don't have the pull to bring in champions and established players. I also think that Spalletti will be the biggest loss for them along with Salah. Don't forget that it was Spalletti that took over from Garcia and dragged them out of the mud, while Salah went double figures in both goals and assists. Was it something like 16 goals and 14 assists? That's massive and they won't be able to replace that type of production.

It's weird to put Inter in the top 4 after last season, but they do have a really strong core of players and a ton of money to go with it. I also think that Spalletti will finally make it work for them and make them a really good tight unit. So if they manage to (I think they will) sign 3-4 great players than they will be up there in the top 4 positions.

Lazio and Fiorentina will just not be factors imo and neither will Atalanta. Atalanta is one of those teams that we see every year. Just like Sassuolo, just like Sampdoria a few years ago, just like Udinese a few years ago, etc, etc. They have a great season for one reason or another, and then sell off some players, change too many things, and are never quite able to replicate that again. And in all honesty, it doesn't even look like they want to. They are happy to enjoy the success of last season and make a ton of cash based on it. As a matter of fact, I think Torino will end up above Atalanta next season.
I expect Juve, Milan and Napoli to fight for the top 3. and I expect Fiorentina, Sassuolo, Lazio and especially Roma to have a disappointing season unless they buy later on. As for Inter, I don't think the marriage of Spalletti and Inter will work. In fact I expect him fired before the xmas break. I read somewhere that there are already disagreements on signings.

It might be hope or bias but I am expecting us to do a lot more than many expect. I have been watching old matches and individual match highlights of the players we have signed so far and I am more and more convinced that these signings were made with a lot of thought behind them. Once the season starts, it is all on Montella and this is a do or die season for him coz all the players that he been given to him, fit in his style of playing perfectly.

If he could do so much with that Fiorentina squad, he should be able to better that with this super talented squad.
I'd rank the clubs like this ATM:

1. Juve
2. Napoli
3. Roma
4. Milan
5. Inter
6. Lazio
Costa will arrive soon to Juve and he's better than any of our new signings. Bah.

On a side note, Keita can rot in Lazio as both Milan and Juve will not be interested anymore.
I really wanted Costa here. It's even more annoying that they are getting him for 10mil loan and 30mil obligation. Great price, bit even a better structure of the payment because it allows them to also get Bernardeschi.
Costa there and Cuadrado here is wrong Big Grin