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who knows, maybe Cuadrado will once again be his best under Montella. I mean he's not a bad player at all.
Not bad but clearly not better than Costa. This sucks. Just when we had almost perfect mercato Juve had to be there to ruin it.
Is Costa really that good? Why Muenchen let him go? Did he have problem in Muenchen?
Personally I'm not too fussed about losing Douglas Costa. He's a talented guy, a quick winger that's great 1v1 against defenders with the ability to cut in and shoot from distance. I think for many, he's seen as a great potential buy because it seemed set we were going to use wingers this season, and he'd bring qualities we lacked in running at opponents at pace. However, personally I'm not totally sold on him mostly because I don't think he's ever quite shown the end product that I'd want from a top winger.

For Bayern, I think mostly it comes down to he doesn't really fit Ancelotti's approach to the game. The ability is there though, I'd argue he'd be an upgrade to Cuadrado for Juve, performing a pretty similar role.
Borja Valero to Inter 5.5 million
I'm fairly mixed on the deal, I'm not really sure what role he's been brought to fill and at 32 I'm not sure he's going to have the impact that inter need. A good player but not one I think serves any specific purpose at Inter
News from our good old friend Big Grin

Quote:Genoa President Enrico Preziosi reveals “I’ve sold the club” with the takeover to be confirmed “this week or early next week”.
Valero is a very good player that will bring stability to the Inter midfield (in terms od calmness on the ball and ability to retain it under pressure and it tight situations). But it's a little silly that he is brought in at 32 years old to essentially take over from Joao Mario who cost them 40mil just a year ago. I think he will do the same role in the midfield that Mario did. Spaletti will most likely play with 2 anchors and 1 midfielder ahead of them...most likely Joao Mario or Valero. Unless he uses Valero as the playmaker alongside Gagliardini and still inserts Mario as the more adnvanced midfielder. That meand that Kondogbia and Brozovic are out of luck though and maybe one of them will leave?

He is a solid buy obviously, but doesn't "scare" me at all.
(07-10-2017, 05:50 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Borja Valero to Inter 5.5 million

If Inter could ruin Candreva, Valero can't be far behind. that club just ruins talented players.