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I can't see how Verona would benefit Cutrone if I'm honest, glad it isn't likely to happen
.. or PCCC-ass-a-no attack.
Last news in Italy, not related to Milan :
- Another Cassanews ... Cassano would finally ... leave Verona ! Amazing ... But not surprising.
- After Sabatini bashing Paletta, Paletta responds his former employee in a way ... well, I find it funny that it happens to Inter! His words : "It's incredibly funny and curious at the same time that I was the one wanting to hire Spalleti in Roma and Sabatini didn't want him, especially as they are now together again in Inter. It's beautiful ..."
- Schick, after his failed transfer in Juventus, is back in Sampdoria and a club made a new offer for him ... it's Juventus again ! Big Grin

We need a winger, we should try to take Schick, and put some trouble in the already troubled summer of Juventus !
Wow, Cassano is a complete nutcase.
I'm completely devastated at the Cassano news
Why devastated? I found it funny that the Verona president said "he's not right in the head" Big Grin

Bear in mind he's not retiring, he's confirmed he'll continue playing, rumours being Genoa are interested.
I was looking forward to Verona's new deadly attack
Now Football Italia report he's retired again, the second time in a week. Cassanata at its best.
Big Grin Big Grin Unbelievable

By the way, if someone signs a contract, can he just retire without paying anything the club? For example Lukaku of ManU, after mega transfer suddenly wants to retire, can he do that? I know this is pretty useless question, I just want to know about what state in a player's contract.