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That's actually a great question. I would guess that while you are bound to a contract, both parties need to consent in order to break that contract. So I don't think Lukaku can just decide to retire right now without facing any legal actions from Man Utd.
Lukaku shoud retire from Mu than undo retirement and sign for us.
Napoli playing 11 a side on half the pitch. Two touch max rule.
Thanks for sharing, very interesting to see.
Wth happen with fiorentina, they sell almost all of their 1st team player

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Their owners are preparing to sell the club. Cashing in before they do? I don't other explanation.
Does anyone know much about the names Inter are after or have signed?

Valero and Vecino aside, I'm pretty clueless on them. Skriniar isn't one I even noticed last year and there's some kid from Boca?

On linked names, I don't get the deal for Dalbert, a guy I admittedly barely know but is he worth two months of chasing after and worth 20m? Same with Emre Mor, I barely understand the thinking there.

I'm not trying to be funny, but obviously they've had difficulty getting the big names that would have been statement signings they hoped for (e.g. Vidal). However, going from there to going after names that people won't necessarily know or players who aren't considered of a top level just confuses me.

Simply put, I don't see an improvement to their squad far. I don't see how Vecino and Valero offer more than what Banega potentially could and I don't see how Skriniar will fix their defensive problems. Dalbert seems like he should improve over Nagatomo at LB if he joins.

Inter had a decent squad last year and had potential to challenge pretty much anyone in Italy. However, they need players and characters to help make the leap and so far they've done nothing to suggest they're getting what they need.
Emre was touted as Turkish Messi when he was moving from Denmark to Germany, saw him play three for or four timers, good winger but not sure about how good really how much potential, only 20 still. Skriniar I never noticed, may be it's the crappy streams I watch, because I barely knew the name before last month's Inter rumours.
Juve lost 0:2 to Tottenham.

1st half: Alex Sandro - Chiellini - Rugani - Lichtsteiner, no one prevent a header from Kane.

2nd half: De Sciglio - Barzagli - Benatia - Asamoah, Erikssen scored after the center of Juve had been broken.

Not easy for Juve. Early to be happy, but I like it Big Grin
When is next friendly or official games?  Cant wait  Sleepy