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(08-06-2017, 10:18 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Emre was touted as Turkish Messi when he was moving from Denmark to Germany, saw him play three for or four timers, good winger but not sure about how good really how much potential, only 20 still. Skriniar I never noticed, may be it's the crappy streams I watch, because I barely knew the name before last month's Inter rumours.

I wouldn't focus too much on Juve losing, but certainly it seems they're simply not as strong for the coming season as they have been in recent years unless they have an exceptional mercato in the next few weeks.

Reza, I've heard the same about Mor, but these days every other player is hyped as the next Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar etc. From what I've seen, he's a tricky right winger with decent close control and pace, but no way he'd be a game changer if he joined.

This is the point I was arguing against in my post yesterday:

This article suggests that in getting Dalbert Inter will be dealing with all of the problems they've had. We're talking about a team that finished 7th this past season and to think a coach and some mediocre/past their best plus Dalbert (assuming he's good) is going to suddenly fix everything is going to backfire. 

The management on their part have been terrible, deflecting attention and almost acting deluded by constantly trying to criticise Milan (which is hilarious btw! Big Grin ) is only going to further divide them from fans if the club don't perform to expected levels (title challengers or at least CL) this season. They risk a toxic environment at the club as fans haven't exactly been pleased with their mercato thus far.

I might sound like I want Inter to do well, which is actually true. I've said on a number of occasions that Italian football needs the Milanese clubs at the top.
Inter this season (or rather Inter's fans) are stuck where we were for the past several years. They keep overhyping their players and keep thinking of them as "names". I keep seeing the phrase "on paper" from their fans........when the fact of the matter is, the saying "you are only as good as your last game" can be extended to "you are only as good as your last season".

We were the same way. We kept saying...."why are we losing to Sampdoria? With these players, we should be beating teams like Genoa and shouldn't be losing points to Crotone. We have Menez, and Cerci, and Destro, and Montolivo, and Abate, and Balotelli, and Honda, and Torres, etc, etc, etc, etc"......when the fact of the matter is that those players, in the seasons we are talking about were mid-table quality. They were no longer as good as they were in their best seasons, so how could we expect them to beat Bolonga, Sampdoria, Crotone, etc on the regular.

Right now, Inter's players are mid-table quality...I don't care what their names are. Last season, they looked like trash and finished outside of Europe. They can sit and pray that those "names" they are talking about go back to the form of several years ago.....but things don't always work out that. As a matter of fact, most of the time they don't.

I agree with them that Spalletti is their best signing this season, but him alone won't fix everything.
I also agree that Spalletti is Inter best signing until now.

But let look at the bald mand's history, he is like a poor man Ranieri, never won anything big. Last half season was his best after a long hiatus (2 years).

Inter's slogan is $InterIsComing, but I do not expect much from them, not even their fans have high expectation.

The Italian football needs both Milanese clubs and Juventus to be strong, in general. But for Champion League, only Milan is enough Big Grin
I kind of agree with you both (nefremo I think you underestimate their squad, even if as you say until now they've shown to be midtable). I'm not a fan of Spaletti personally and as I've mentioned before, I suspect him and the egos in Inter's squad might clash.
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Season ticket sales
Anyone watching the Super Cup? 5 minutes in and it's a miracle that Juve haven't scored yet, Lazio playing like defending isn't part of the game.
Half Time Lazio lead 1-0 after an Immobile penalty. After my post after 5 mins they composed themselves and played more like they did last season, quick on the break and defending quite deep.

A couple of observations from what I've seen. Lazio look solid, though without either Keita or Felipe Anderson this match it does feel like they lack the pace that makes them so dangerous. Also, while Lucas Leiva is doing a solid job in place of Biglia, they clearly miss the Argentine in controlling the movement of the ball.

With Juve, the first 5 minutes apart they were poor. They look stretched on the pitch and they look lethargic and generally lacking in ideas or just uninterested in the match. In the early part they found a lot of joy getting in behind Basta, but since Lazio got themselves organised, Juve look pretty dreadful.
I just checked the scoreline, and it is already 0-2 in favor of Lazio? Interesting. I am now pondering if I should try to find a channel to watch it then.
LOL Lazio squandered a 2-0 lead. Now it's 2-2