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(09-06-2017, 07:47 PM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]Personally I would flip Juve with Napoli. I think Napoli has the advantage of continuity. It is interesting to see they don't even have one new player in their starting 11.

Maybe doing nothing is better Big Grin
Good analysis Aficio. I agree with your assessment.

Just watched Inter - SPAL. Inter won 2-0, but it wasn't a true reflection of the game. The first half, Inter was really the better team but no "big" chances and they needed a PK to go ahead 1-0. SPAL slowly grew into the game and had a few chances of their own, coming close at the end of the 1st with a great chance for Paloshi and also a couple of close calls in the 2nd half...particularly Salamon from a header.

Either way, all this talk about Dalbert from Inter, yet he struggled big time. As a matter of fact, SPAL's RWB Manuel Lazzari completely destroyed Dalbert throughout the entire game. I was really impressed by Lazzari, and looking him up saw that he is only 23 years old. Very, very capable RWB, especially when attacking. It will be interesting to see if he keeps his performances to this level throughout the season. He was by far SPAL's best player.

A word on Salamon......this guy is terrible. I can't believe we signed him. Good old Galliani type of deal. He is also a Raiola client, so that explains it I guess. Whenever I think of these things I just hate Galliani more and more and can not comprehend why he was allowed to use the club for clearly shady deals like these.
Thank nefremo, but that makes the lost hurt more Big Grin

I thought Lazzari was the Cagliari player that Allegri wanted to bring to Milan Big Grin
He was. I guess this is a different one Big Grin
Is Berardi injured again? I haven't heard much about him in a long time and he didn't play for Sassuolo today.
He is injured, not sure how long he will miss
Inter should consider themselves lucky tonight. Bologna were pretty comfortable and the penalty to level the match was very soft to say the least.

Must say Verdi's performance was a joy to watch. He lacks a little end product but his dribbling is really impressive. He looks a lot closer to how I remember him in our primavera.
Verdi has been quietly doing a very good job for the last little while. He's 25 now - won't be surprised if he gets a move to an EL team in the next year or two.
Yeah, last year really felt like a major breakthrough for him and he looks set to build on those performances this year. He had a reasonable year with Empoli a few years ago, but he seemed to fall into obscurity after that until he went to Bologna. I'm pleased for him, as beyond wanting Milan youth products to do well, he's a player that's always had promise and until now has struggled to show it at senior level.

If I'm honest, if I was Atalanta I'd be keeping a close eye on him as a long term replacement for Gomez, who turns 30 soon and can't be expected to perform like he does now for much longer. Plus I think Verdi could learn a lot playing with him.
Inter didn't deserve the win.