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Not to give too much air time to our rivals but just wanted to add a quick word on Dybala. He's absolutely ripping through Serie A so far this season. Would you say he's probably the best player in the league at the moment? Will Juve be able to keep him for more than a couple more seasons? It's probably best for the league if they can keep him because the profile of the league will remain high... But on the flip side, I don't see them winning the league without him which would open the door for teams like ours, Napoli, etc
The whole purpose of this thread is to give airtime to rivals Big Grin

Anyway, agree with your thoughts on Dybala, but honestly I don't see him maintaining this form all year, though I fully expected him to improve from last season. I'm not worried for now about rivals, we keep on our path and we'll be fine, without needing to worry about Dybala and Juve domination. It will take time, but this year I really believe we're back on path to returning to competing.

Napoli also very fortunate to get a result yesterday. I'm watching them closely, but at the moment they still don't convince me they will win the league, they show too many frailties in difficult matches in the league they should win. On the flip side, one could argue last season they wouldn't have won yesterday.
I think Milik is injured again which is definitely a blow for them. They need someone to give Mertens a rest from time to time. Btw if people haven't seen, immediately go check out Mertens' goal from earlier this week. Another player up there probably for the best in Serie A at least for this calendar year.
Chiesa with another scorcher today
Cristante with a nice header to equalize 2-2 vs Juventus. VAR did well in annulling a Mandzukic goal that benefited from a foul in the buildup. However, later on Dybala won a penalty when his free kick clearly struck the shoulder of a player in the wall. Common sense would dictate that the referee would go look at it and reverse his decision but instead he decided to give the pk anyway. Luckily, Dybala missed and the game ended 2-2.
Juve and Inter getting called out. Bad PR for them...
A Lazio defender tried his best to give Juventus a chance to equalize with an absolutely crazy tackle conceding a 94' penalty. Up stepped Dybala to earn a point for Juve and his penalty was saved! 2-1 Lazio FT
2018 Allegri replaces Ventura Grinundwech
I didn't get to see the a fair chunk of the second half, but I was impressed with Lazio from what I saw. It was always a fairly hectic game, with chances at both ends, but Lazio seemed to have a more clear game plan and to comeback from a goal behind was very impressive.
Napoli lead Roma 1-0 at half time. It was a fairly balanced game until the goal, where both sides were very compact so neither gained an advantage in the middle. After the goal Roma lost their way, looking unsure on what to do on the ball and letting spaces open up. Napoli have dominated comfortably since and could have scored a second.

I must say I hate watching Napoli play. They play as I want to see us play. I was watching the midfield trio carefully in this match and it's beautiful to watch as they rotate almost perfectly and you can see the understanding they have now is automatic. The team rotate on a pivot both offensively and defensively and they're pressing very high by focusing on the position on the ball and knowing their teammates will pick up as necessary in behind (as well as push up with them to compress the space available to Roma).

The attacking trio are very fluid too, particularly in the way Insigne and Mertens move. I'd perhaps like slightly quicker transitions from defence to attack and more vertical play, but at 1-0 and in control there's no real need with the way they're managing the match. Roma will be forced to look for the equaliser now and I suspect the counter might be deadly.

Also, the way he's playing tonight, I think if De Rossi was at Milan right now his performance would be getting destroyed.